July 2020 Horoscope Aries

July 2020 Horoscope Aries

July 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Aries

Over the past two months, you’ve had your patience tested by the painfully slow energy of retrograde planets, Aries. Just like last month, July is touched by a powerful lunar eclipse – one that may bring the past back to haunt you. Outside forces are making some dramatic changes for you this month, whether that’s in your career, school, government, or home. This might manifest in many various sectors of life, therefore make certain to expect drama. Your home life in particular is theatrical and overblown, but you’re empowered to deliver a flawless performance this month if you pay attention to the stage cues. Indeed, although your patience is being tested right now, you’re finding it easier to market yourself and say what needs to be said. For you, July is about the balance of work and career. Keep your cool, and this month promises to boost your gift of gab!

Over the past year but now especially, you feel the need to redefine your career goals and professional path. Your position on the greater world stage is under re-evaluation too. With Saturn retrograde moving backwards through your tenth house of career from the 1st until the end of September, the walls are tumbling down. Destabilization of your career or upper management has you rethinking your own boundaries and limitations. Yes, you’re testing your ability to build a solid professional foundation. Try not to focus on what isn’t working at your workplace. Instead, take a look at what you’re personally capable of accomplishing. That might be hard to do with what feels like ever-shifting regulations and unnecessary industry changes, but your pride will power you through.

With the full moon lunar eclipse in your fourth house on the 5th, issues with family and home arise. Domestic conditions are uncomfortably illuminated, and you’re likely to find your house or family in need of repair. Maybe it’s even time for a change of location! One thing is certain: this final eclipse of the Capricorn-Cancer axis brings a cycle to completion. You’ve been exploring your needs for inner security since January of 2019, but it’s time to close this chapter until 2027.

Have you finally learned how to balance your attention between your public and private life? If not, it’s time to review that area. One possibility is the end of an important career project. Something is nearing completion, so you’ll need to spend some time reviewing your priorities and adjust as necessary.

The difficulty you have nurturing yourself and others come into focus when asteroid Ceres retrogrades on the 7th. She turns inward in your twelfth house of hidden secrets and deepest subconscious, so it’s easy to feel inadequate or incompetent right now. Are you carrying the frustration of loss and rejection? This July, it’s finally time to say goodbye to all the self-limiting things you believed.

You might be tempted to give in to the victim mentality, but you’d be wise to put on a brave face. Particularly before the 12th, keeping your complaints to yourself is your best course of action.

Identity wounds and issues of self-worth come out to play around the 11th. In your first house, you’re your own sign, Chiron’s retrograde will be extracting healing lessons connected to your appearance and presentation. This theme runs from now through September. How would you like others to see you, Aries? Know that you have the power to define exactly who you are, especially over the course of the next few months.

From the 12th through the 20th, you enjoy an increased power of concentration, and your memory is better than usual. You can thank Mercury who stations direct in your fourth house. You are drawn to conversations concerning your youth and therefore the past; however, don’t forget to keep one eye on the present and another on the future.

Speaking of the future, the right time to begin something new comes on the 20th with the New Moon in Cancer. Now more than ever, focus is on your roots and your ancestry. Your goal is re-organizing and heightening your awareness as it relates to home and childhood.

Health needs attention during this time, but you should be just fine if you work on correcting your diet. Most illnesses now will be stress-related, which means you do have a measure of control. Try to relax!

You’re finally breathing fire once again by the time the sun moves into Leo on the 22nd. This boost to your fifth house of creativity and romance makes the tensions of the month disappear. You’d do well to try your hand at sales, marketing, and advertising activities – anything that allows you to market yourself. You’ll find people are keenly interested in what you have to say.

July ends with a positive sextile between Jupiter and Neptune in your tenth and twelfth houses respectively. Your definition of achievement is shifting for the better! Fired up and ready to take on anything, you head into August with bigger dreams and a bigger wallet.

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