June 2020 Horoscope Cancer

June 2020 Horoscope Cancer

June 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

Everyone will be swimming in your watery energy this June, Cancer. With a powerful eclipse and Mercury's retrograde in your own sign, you'll feel the effects of this month more acutely than any other sign. But with these tidal waves of power come tsunamis of responsibility. As you traverse the emotional waters you call home, you'll need to balance your needs with the needs of others. Hold your vision this month; June is asking you to walk the line between healthy independence and toxic codependency.

Relationship dynamics are magnified on the 1st as expansive Jupiter makes a quintile to the wounded healer Chiron. These energies activate your seventh house of love and your tenth house of career, calling out an important question: who are you taking responsibility for? Chances are, not all of the burdens you're carrying are your own. Your tendency to take care of everyone and everything except yourself could come back to bite you. Indeed, it's time to recognize that you cannot pour from an empty well. Take a step back from your maternal nature, and you'll see that your loved ones are more than capable of spreading their own wings. In turn, this will allow others to nurture and care for you for a change!

If you’re worried about being left lonely, June 2nd should quell your fears. Pallas retrograde enters your seventh house and attracts partners of all kinds. You’ll be thankful to know that having these partners around attunes you to patterns and solutions you wouldn’t have recognized alone.

That’s not to say you won’t need time to yourself though. You’ll want to spend some time recharging your intuition when Vesta enters your sign on the 3rd.

Just a few days later, the everyday gets a fiery shakeup. The June 5 lunar eclipse lights up your sixth house and puts your mind into a passionately productive direction. You might get a rude awakening about some lifestyle adjustments that are required before you can physically manifest the healthy body, work habits, and positive attitude you deserve.

Break any patterns of laziness and enjoy some time outdoors. Give yourself permission to be adventurous and free!

But what does “free” mean to you? That’s something you’ll be asking the second half of the month as Mercury stations retrograde in your house of self. With the retrograde happening in your sign for the next three weeks, you’ll experience more delays and misunderstandings than the rest of the zodiac. Take this time to digest your feelings about troubles with higher-ups, peers, or relationships at home. Lay low and steer clear of conflict; you’ll have the chance to respond next month when Mercury stations direct.

The Sun brings warm vibrant energy to your first house on the 20th, so you’re more sympathetic and protective than usual. While your imagination is overflowing with creative ideas now, you’re also more likely to take things personally. Try not to be unforgiving now unless you’re comfortable losing a bit of honor.

June 21st brings a prolific New Moon solar eclipse in your sign at a prolific 0°. Drastic financial changes are afoot, bringing a needed correction in your relationship to money. But more than that, you’re redefining and enhancing your self-image.

If you don’t define yourself now, others will do it for you. Are you living your life in a way that aligns with how you want to be remembered?

Neptune’s retrograde a few days later on the 23rd could send you traveling to distant destinations for answers. Whether that means a trip to an unknown land, a dive into another culture, or the exploration of a new philosophical idea is up to you. Whatever the case, the result is sure to be spiritual transcendence and nearly psychic clarity.

Variety is your sweet spot in the last week of June. It might even be hard to focus on any one thing on the 25th thanks to Venus’s direct station in Gemini. You’re motivated by curiosity and becoming more appreciative of what makes you tick psychologically.

As you better understand your own fears and need for sanctuary, you feel empowered to move toward your goals. Your drive to create an enterprise for yourself and make your mark on the world is infectious when Mars enters your tenth house on the 27th. The planet of action in his home sign sparks your professional ambition and your desire to succeed.

Closing out June, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the 30th gives you just the edge you need to sniff out an auspicious opportunity.

Your higher-ups and peers are suddenly recognizing your talent and worth but do stay humble! An overinflated ego and exaggerated sense of entitlement could lead to important figures dismissing your skills.

The best advice for June is simply to be yourself, Cancer! That won’t be difficult with so much energy in your own sign, so put your best foot forward and wow the crowd as you glide into July.

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