May 2020 Horoscope Cancer

May 2020 Horoscope Cancer

May 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

Expect the desire to experiment outside the norm in May, Cancer. All month you’ll be revisiting hidden truths of your own and collecting insights you’ve lost along the way. This is taking place to help reshape your subconscious worldview. Throughout May, secrets come to light with True Node, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun entering inquisitive Gemini and your twelfth house. Odds are, the psychic Full Moon on the 7th will bring new information through your dreams. You’ll be feeling the pressure to address hidden obsessions and deep-rooted compulsions so you can transmute your fears.

You're on a mission now to transform any self-limiting beliefs. Whether you know it or not, the only thing holding you back is yourself! That’s not to say that others won’t be involved, though. In fact, the Saturn retrograde in your eighth house highlights your intimate relationships from the 11th forward. You’re calling into question your relationship to power and closeness. By the end of the month, you’re blessed with a New Moon in your twelfth house. This makes May one of the most psychologically transformative months of the year for you.

Career matters have been a large source of frustration lately. Although money has been good, it seems like no one is on the same page. As usual, your boss has tasked you with taking new ideas and new hires under your wing. But with Jupiter squaring Mars in your tenth house of career, you haven’t been receiving the recognition you deserve. It’s downright insulting the way you’re getting thrown under the bus. Keep your chin up! Unrealistic expectations should lighten up around the 14th.

When Mars enters Pisces mid-month, everyone is a little more co-operative. You'll find teammates are more open to your watery lunar nature. And although emotions are running high in the workplace from the 13th onward, coworkers see you as a beacon of comfort. This is a time where your intuitive nature works very much to your advantage. If at all possible, you’ll want to schedule some time for solitude so you can recharge your energy.

Educational pursuits are not favored this month, but you won’t let that get you down! By investing in a tutor or some extra coaching, you can achieve moderate success in this sector. Just don’t get emotional. Take charge of your subconscious thought patterns and nurture your memory. This is the perfect time to divert your attention from more technical subjects. Instead, submerge yourself in artistic activities where you are free to explore any feeling you've repressed.

With Saturn retrograde in your eighth house of sex, boundaries come tumbling down. This is especially true when it comes to your most intimate relationships. But is this such a bad thing? Sometimes you need to crawl out of your shell to realize your own allure. Luckily, the super Full Moon on the 7th in your fifth house of creativity gives you the romantic touch you need. You have a unique opportunity to rekindle a flame or attract something new. Confessions of love are in the forecast all May, so keep your eyes open for a romantic proposal, especially around the 13th. It's likely this will come from someone long-distance.

Your financial picture is pretty steady. More so than yourself, your children or younger family members have many fine financial opportunities right now. In fact, you can expect your social connections to play an important role in money matters until the 26th. With Venus traveling your intuitive twelfth house, you’re likely to receive insight about how to utilize the charity and generosity extended to you. The more you pay attention to your dreams and spiritual nudges right now, the more guidance you'll find. You may be completely out of your realm and financial norm right now, but that’s the perfect place to be to receive miracles.

Cancer, May provides you with a rare opportunity to create your own inner paradise. Despite incredible stress in the first half of the year, this month supports you with self-assertion and relief. You’ll be reviewing your deepest fears only to find you’ve outgrown them completely. And, by the grace of the planets, others are inclined to cooperate with your pursuit of personal power. Sometime around the 20th, you’ll want to take the time to place a journal and a pen near your bed. You could even light some incense or put some lavender under your pillow. With the heightened mystical energy in the air, you’ll experience dreams unlike any you’ve had this year. You’ll want to take advantage of these sensual and spiritual influences.

Remember that things do take their own time, especially with so many planets in retrograde. When outside affairs seem to stall, turn inwards to see the progress you desire. Overall, you can look forward to encouraging health and growing optimism in every area of your life this May.

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