October 2020 Horoscope Leo

October 2020 Horoscope Leo

October 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Leo

Almost all planetary activity in October is focused outside of yourself and onto others instead, Leo. This isn’t something to pout about because you’re certain to uncover brilliant internal treasures through your interactions with those closest to you.

This focus on everyone else doesn’t mean you can forego responsibility for your actions though. In fact with Mercury’s retrograde mid-month, it is critical that you review your own way of processing and making sense of external stimuli.

In the last couple of weeks, your attention has been on the logical world and making a reasonable sense of it, but priorities shift under the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st. As this peak culminates in your ninth house of greater wisdom, higher education, philosophy, and long-distance travel, your personal horizons and beliefs are sure to be tested. Luck is on your side right now, so taking an adventurous leap of faith is advised as long as you can use that jump to expand your sense of purpose.

If you’ve been dealing with a looming legal issue, complications could crop up right now, or something could end suddenly in a way that feels disadvantageous. Use this curveball as a way to broaden your perspective and an excuse to tackle new ideas.

On the 2nd, Venus the planet of love and beauty dances into Virgo and your second house. This romantic planet naturally rules this house as it covers your personal values, self-esteem, earned income, and resources. Of course, too much of a good thing is a not so good thing, so you’ll need to watch for being too indulgent with your spending habits. You’ll find a longer-lasting sense of security and confidence if you take an analytical approach to your money flow over the next month.

After months of internal deliberating about the noble causes you devote yourself to, you are ready to express this dedication in the external world. For this, you can thank Pluto who stations direct in Capricorn and your sixth house of service on the 4th.

The rest of 2020, you can liberate yourself from ego-based thinking by reminding yourself of your greater goals.

Around the 13th, prepare for inconvenient breakdowns and hiccups at home. Actually, you’re likely to experience this sort of thing for the next three weeks thanks to Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and your fourth house. The need for physical and emotional repairs might crop up to kill October’s vibe, but it’s important to apply some fixer-upper energy to these things when you discover them.

Indeed, this retrograde transit is reminding you that your home is your sanctuary and where you come from doesn’t necessarily reflect where you’re going. Try a fresh arrangement of furniture or a healing exploration of old family/childhood issues to make the most of this Mercury Rx.

Communication activity is slated to increase with the October 16th New Moon in Libra and your third house. This could easily go south if you don’t apply your extra mental energy to learning pursuits though as any pent-up restlessness leads to impatient comments that compromise your environment.

Just in case you didn’t get the message when Mercury stationed retrograde, the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd to again highlight your fourth house of home. If anything, this is a time to “nest” and to re-root your sense of belonging. Throughout the next month, you’re preoccupied with concerns about your heritage, domestic affairs, and your home base, but it’s up to you to make sure this transformation is a positive one. Ego confrontations with family members are a risk with this energy, but the more time you spend tending to your inner foundations and nurturing your trust in your support system, the more you’ll find your emotional well is filled.

Not quite satisfied with mucking up your fourth house, retrograde Mercury brings worry and nervousness to your third house on the 27th.

In tandem with the trickster planet, Venus enters Libra too, so this could soften the negatives retrograde is known to bring. Despite the added anxiety in your communication sector, you’re giving off a cheerful witty vibe that smooths over most lingering conflicts.

That being said, exercise great caution until Mercury stations direct next month. This means checking your tires, backing up your digital files, and giving yourself extra time to meet any deadlines.

For better or for worse, everyone is noticing you beneath the light of Halloween’s Full Moon in Taurus. This lunar peak on the 31st is sure to illuminate something that makes it almost impossible to stay out of the public eye because of its position in your tenth house of reputation and professional life.

Leos aren’t known for being shy of the limelight, so promote your accomplishments and put yourself out there this week. As long as you can keep your pride in check, you’ll carry much-deserved attention into November with you.

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