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January 2021 Pisces Horoscope

Pisces, your season is fast approaching, but it’s not quite here yet. Let’s see what January 2021 has in store. Neptune, your ruling planet, is aspected well throughout the month, lending you strength and quite a bit of creative inspiration. In addition, much of your focus will fall in the 12th and 11th Houses, so your time will be split between your friends and your own secrets.

On January 1st, Mercury will sextile your ruling planet, Neptune, providing you with imaginative prowess and artistic energy. Use this creativity to think of new, mystical ideas.

On January 6th, Mars will enter Taurus in your solar 3rd House. With your 3rd House in Taurus, you generally approach matters of communication with practicality. Mars will lend its slow-moving strength, letting you set goals and accomplish what you put your mind to. If you have any short trips planned or need to meet up with family, this planet, sign, and house combination will be helpful in that regard.

Two things to watch out for: try not to spend too much money on matters of communication and travel, even if you’re preparing for Mercury retrograde at the end of the month. And, Mars in Taurus can feel plodding. Remember that this slow progress is temporary.

On January 8th and 9th, the Sun will sextile Neptune for another burst of artistic creativity. Let your dreamy imagination go wild.

Mercury will enter Aquarius in your sole 12th House on the 8th. Your thoughts will focus on your secrets and possibly on things that have happened to you in the past – particularly things that have held you back. Try not to let this get you down. Use Aquarius’ forward-thinking nature to reason your way out of this sorrowful state of mind in a new and creative way.

Venus will enter Capricorn in your solar 11th House on January 8th as well. This is good in relation to your 12th House ponderances. If you need help from your friends, just reach out, and Venus will help you find the love and support you need. Capricorn will also help with its steady, determined nature.

On January 13th, the New Moon will fall in Capricorn in your solar 11th House. The New Moon invites you to start something new and look at things from a new perspective. Consider your hopes and dreams as well as your circle of friends. This is the perfect time to start laying the groundwork to achieve your dreams. Capricorn will help you make that happen.

On January 19th, the Sun will enter Aquarius in your solar 12th House. Take a fresh look at your secrets and past hurt. The 12th House allows radical transformation, so it’s never too late to change how you feel about the past. Try not to dwell, and use the power of the Sun, and the intellectually detached nature of Aquarius to find a new way to look at old secrets.

On January 23rd and 24th, Venus will sextile Neptune, bringing you a dose of creativity and mystical, artistic freedom. Try to choose something concrete to focus these feelings on. Ask for help if necessary, otherwise this inspiration will float away.

On January 28th, the Full Moon in Leo will land in your solar 6th House. You will be asked to balance matters of daily work and service with your own health. Have you been neglecting yourself? It might be time to take a break or reevaluate your work-life balance. If you are doing something you enjoy, hopefully this is a relatively easy task. Even if it is challenging, draw on Leo’s strength and remember that you the one in charge of your life and all aspects of it.

Starting on January 30th, the month tapers off in a bad mood. The Sun will square Mars from the 20th to the 31st. This aspect lends itself to argumentative, risk-taking behavior. Try to keep a level head. In addition, Mercury enters retrograde on January 30th.

Try to get organized, especially in matters of communication and travel before the 30th so that you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

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