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Overall Horoscope 2021 with forecast for the Year of the Ox

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Yearly Overview of the main Astrological events for the 2021 year of the White Metal Ox

After the storm of change that was 2020, 2021 will feel comparatively calm. But don’t mistake that for placidity and tepidness. There’s a lot of brewing under the surface that most people can’t see. Every sign on the chart is going to be experiencing their own sea changes and weathering all sorts of chaos. Luckily there are a number of positive forces at work across the year. No one will drown, but everyone is going to be tossed around a bit. This is the year where all of the signs are going to be put to work, but they’re going to see some odd, intriguing, and exotic things while they do.

Everyone is going to come into the year recovering from the struggles of 2020. This was a pivotal year in the cosmos as great stellar tectonic plates shifted and crossed, sending waves of chaos across the cosmos. But that’s the past now and 2021 looms forward. While all of the signs will be hitting the ground running, Libra and Aries in particular will feel the treadmill start to pick up speed right at the first few days of the month. It’s a time for all of the signs to get their bearings, but luckily a number of planetary forces will be looking out for everyone, some signs more than others. Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are going to be especially prominent in 2021, starting their graceful movements in mid-January as they dance across the sky, beaming power to their various children. Air signs in particular will benefit from their graces at this time, using that energy to pursue work and career ambitions.

As we move into February and March, the dance of planetary satellites will become more complicated, overlapping and weaving from view. Water signs will feel the effects of this movement most prominently during this time, but everyone will feel the energy of this celestial alternating current generation. This will most prominently manifest itself in areas of love and romance for us Earth-bound passengers. Pisces in particular will be feeling both the pull of attraction and being attractive to others. Racing hormones are going to cause a lot of strong pulls in all sorts of directions. Leos will be dealing with this in a most lion-like way. These energies are going to breed a number of creative impulses across the zodiac spectrum with artists finding new inspiration and people never thought of themselves as artists before suddenly struck by an unheard-of creative drive.

If there was an overall theme to this year, it would be fertility and creativity. This will start to burst forth in March and April as all those cosmic forces churn. Think of them as great farm combines, tilling the soil and bringing forth rich, dark soil and whatever tubers live deep underground. After the storms of 2020, the soil is rich, loose, and filled with nutrients. It’s farming and harvest time, everyone, so if you’re standing on firm ground, prepared to be shaken up. But also prepare for a healthy, delicious bounty, endless in its fecundity. No sign is immune to this wave of creativity, but some will be exploding a little larger than others. Look to Gemini and Sagittarius in particular for artistic expression that is unprecedented and beyond reckoning.

In the wake of the sprouts starting to burst through the ground, late April and May are prime harvesting time. It’s a time for great prosperity for a number of signs, particularly (fittingly) the Earth signs. There are great waves of financial fortune, lingering just under the surface. The potential for great fortune and entrepreneurial success is huge this year and the late spring and early summer are prime time for planting those seeds. Notice the number of agricultural metaphors making their way into this year? That’s no accident. The spirit of the farm and farm animals is prominent in 2021. It also follows after the storm of 2020 that renewal and rebirth will lead the way. As it has been for an eternity, so shall the pattern continue. Everyone on the planet is both farmer and fruit, following the patterns in the sky.

While the personal financial picture has great potential for growth rewards, the global one is murky and stormy as uncertainty hangs over the world. Every sign should keep their eyes open for indications of global panic brewing around late May to early June. This could take the form of people around them starting to get overly nervous about current events all the way to hearing about people selling off stocks fast. As the saying goes: a person is smart, but people can be stupid. Everyone should remember to keep their head together, but listen to the tumult around them. Even panicked people have interesting things to say. Take it in and take notes, but think carefully before reacting to it. And everyone’s modus operandi should always be to keep saving, don’t spend beyond your means, and look for any opportunity to gain a little bit of extra income. And if you haven’t been pursuing a side hustle, August is a prime time for most signs to start one. Not sure where to begin? Look to Capricorns for some guidance.

You’d think with this farming metaphor that the autumn would be ripe (see what we did there?) for elaborating on it even further. Truth be told, September is a time for most of the signs to pull back a bit, regroup, and take stock of what they’ve been through, what they’ve learned, and what they need to press forward. The shorter days mean more time at home to reflect and this is just what is needed. It’s not all navel-gazing, however. Particularly for the fire signs as they’ll be just starting to ramp up to deal with all sorts of personal conflicts manifesting themselves towards the end of the year. Venus is crisscrossing the sky at this time and for some, this means positive things with regard to relationships. For others, it means stormy seas, high emotions, and difficulty with both expressing and hearing needs from one another. Some of this is impossible to avoid as humans, but being aware of these celestial machinations is a way to keep a rational head about them, at least as much as it is possible to.

For some November is a time for reflection and calm, taking in the bounty of the year. For others, it’s the beginning of the work needed for 2022. The following year is going to be an uphill battle for most everyone. It’s just a question of how steep the grade is. Aries and Cancer are going to wrestle with all sorts of forces well into next spring, their houses completely ignoring the monthly calendar. Turns out these planetary forces sometimes refuse to adhere to our sense of yearly cycles. The nerve!

Which brings us to December and a strong focus on the people around us. The connections we have might have felt weakened by the events of the year and people around us might feel ignored. You might be one of those people yourself. This is the time for every sign to make the extra effort to reinforce those connections and reach out to the people around us, even if they seem withdrawn (maybe especially if they do). If there’s one activity to focus on for all signs (but particularly for Scorpios and Aquarians), it would be making the time for the people closest to us. Make that phone call. Schedule that coffee. Bring over that food (homemade or otherwise) and sit for a meal. It may feel awkward as hell, but this will never feel less than welcome. And guess what the side effect of this mass reaching out is? That’s right: you’ll have a number of people reaching out to you, probably when you need it most. The planet has been through a wringer and could use some repairs to its sails. Make it a point to do this all through December. And if you need a schedule: Earth signs get the first week, Fire the second, Water the third, and Air the fourth. Now you won’t trip over each other’s toes. Go out Earth creatures and be good to one another. It’s that simple.

Everyone on planet Earth can use a lengthy break after everything that 2020 brought to us. But the universe doesn’t take a break, so we can’t either. So although 2021 won’t be a break from the adventures of existence, it will keep us occupied with some very life-affirming and energizing activities. We’re going to be busy farmers during this year, waking up at the crack of dawn, working until our backs are sore, and sleeping with the satisfaction of a good solid day’s work. The reward for all this is of course nourishment to get us through the worst of future winters. All things considered, it’s not a bad metaphor to guide us through the unknown.

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