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Horoscope 2021 Gemini

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Horoscope 2021 Gemini

Overview of 2021 Astrological events that are vital for the fate of the Zodiac sign Gemini during the course of the White Metal Ox Year

You’ve been on the verge of really great things for a long time, Gemini. That doesn’t mean you haven’t accomplished anything or that you haven’t amounted to much, though. You’ve been a powerful, successful individual who has made great strides. But there’s a level of greatness that you’ve aspired to, like you’re Luke Skywalker looking out upon the twin suns of Tatooine. Over 2020 you’ve been slowly working towards it whenever it’s shown you a glimmer of its path. With 2021 you’re going to keep heading down that murky path towards heights you can’t even begin to fathom.

Luckily you’ve got your own wrecking crew working for you this year. Across the sky in 2021 you have a collection of very powerful stellar forces. Mars will be inhabiting houses that work in your favor all year, while Venus is helping you out from a distance. Closer to home, the pattern of Earth’s moon is perfectly in line with forces that can shape and guide you, meaning you’ll be able to ride the celestial waves all year long.

So what does that mean for you here on Earth? Starting from the first week of January, you’re going to feel great waves in your personal life. These waves might feel destructive and chaotic, but in fact, they’re just pushing you closer to those greater things you’ve been seeking. This might mean changes in your romantic life, but could also just mean shaking up the patterns in all of your existing relationships. You might even hear from some long lost friends. The universe is going to shake things up so that things fall into a pattern that they need to. As best as you can, go along with it and trust that the stars have your best interests in mind. Because guess what? They do.

When it comes to family, however, you’re going to want to be the one who reaches out and solidifies the connection. There’s a lot of shaking and rustling in the family tree for you, Gemini, and some members of your family might be a bit stressed out about it. Pay attention and see who isn’t quite themselves, who is a little more withdrawn than usual, and who could use a bit of support. Late February is your prime family time. Make it a point to do some house visits, ideally with some food in hand (and it’s okay if it’s not the food you’ve made. There are a number of family members who would be delighted to see you at the door with a delivery pizza).

There’s going to be an intriguing wave of artistic impulses rising in you in the spring. These might take you completely by surprise: maybe you’ve had no artistic aspirations whatsoever. Or maybe there’s a side hustle you’ve engaged with for years, like a weekend band that’s slowly been building a following. The media doesn’t matter in this instance. There’s going to be a strong drive to create in some way that’s going to get very strong within you come April. This is a drive that’s worth listening to. If you know what vehicle these impulses will be expressed in, then, by all means, have at it. Make sure you make the time for it and give it the enthusiasm it deserves.

What’s especially interesting is if you DON’T know what form your expression should take. If that’s the case for you, cast your net wide and listen closely to what the drive is telling you. You have a range of stars watching out for you, whispering your name during this time, Gemini. They’ll also tell you how you want to project your vision. You might discover that you’re a latent tap-dancing genius. Or you have fingerpainting down to a new artform. Could it be that the world is ready for your visions in seafood cooking? Who knows? You do, somewhere deep inside of you. Keep listening and don’t let the world miss out.

You’re going to be visited repeatedly by the three witches of emotion this year, Gemini: love, sex, and intimacy. They are going to be intersecting with your life in interesting ways, sometimes one at a time and sometimes as a group. It’s an interesting trail they’ll follow across 2021 and it’s worth knowing their roadmap.

January will bring all sorts of questions about intimacy to the fore as you might question whether or not you want to be around people at all. This is okay and to be expected in the winter months. The fact is that this is the perfect time for you to reach out to people and begin to make some tentative connections (or fortify the ones you have). Look for this to bear fruit during the rest of the year, especially around March and July when relationships you thought long dormant start showing some signs of life and vitality in ways you wouldn’t have expected. Turns out there are a lot of people out there thinking of you and wanting their connections to you to grow and prosper. Who knew?

Sexuality is going to have a series of unusual movements for you across the year, Gemini. You’re going to hit an unusual peak of sexual energies in mid-July. This means you’re going to put out pheromones like you wouldn’t believe, but you’ll also be very in touch with your own body and what you need. This might amaze you with how clear it is in your mind, but take it all in and learn from the experience. The last half of the year will be all about how you learn from that information and live. This extends far beyond sexual dimensions. This will shape the way you exist as a human being. That last half of the year is going to see a lot of people come through your life all wanting a variety of things.

You are going to have the world on a string in all areas come November, Gemini. If there’s one period of time that is going to be your nexus, this is it. In fact, we can pin it on one particular date: November 13th. We don’t know quite why this is, but the stars (and Neptune in particular) all point to this being some sort of knots of energies all beaming back to you. What is this going to mean in concrete terms? Impossible to say, but just know that it’s going to be potent. So with that vagueness in mind, what can you do to prepare for it? Very little. You just need to put yourself in place to receive anything the universe throws at you. Don’t worry: all of these energies are on the positive spectrum. But even a lot of a good thing can be overwhelming and terrifying at times, so the best thing we can recommend is: try not to be terrified. You’ve got a strange conflux of energy heading right to you at this time and not even Jupiter can stop it (and why would he?). Maybe it’s a good day to clear your calendar of anything nonessential and superfluous. And treat yourself the day after with a grand meal and your beverage of choice.

December will be a period of odd calm for you. Maybe this roller coaster we call 2021 will need to stop and refuel, or maybe the stars just know that you’ll need a moment to regroup and catch your breath. There’s nothing wrong with taking a quick rest. Unplug for a bit and zone out if you have the means to do so. You’ve had a hell of a year, Gemini, and you need to process the information that has come in. Think of the latter half of December as a time for doing an inventory of what you’ve acquired - materially and spiritually - and what you’ve spent. It might be time to stock up on supplies for the long road ahead because 2022 is going to be a bit of an uphill climb. Don’t let that scare you, though. People climb mountains for the challenge and for the gorgeous view, and you’ve got some gorgeous views ahead of you. Take the time in the last week of December to let the people you’re closest to know that they are important and that you love them. You’re going to want to stick your neck out a little further than usual to let them know this and go that extra mile. They will respond very positively to this over the next year.

You’ve been ready for great things for a very long time, Gemini. You’ve always known there was something more that you should be doing. 2021 will be a time for clarifying that further, although you still will have a ways to go before you fully know your path. That’s an exciting journey to be on and one that most people would love to follow. Embrace the uncertainty and trust that 2022 won’t steer you wrong.

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