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March 2021 Gemini Horoscope

When it comes to socializing and meeting people, you’re a pro, Gemini. This month will place Mars in your sign, bringing energy to intellectual pursuits so you can really shine. Put your communication cap on and get ready to have fun. In addition, the month will end with a big focus on your friends.

The month starts off with the Sun in Pisces in your solar 10th House. Your focus will be on career and your public persona. Get clear on what you want and Pisces will help you reach for it with compassion and sensitivity.

Mercury is in Aquarius in your solar 9th House, bringing cleverness and curiosity to matters of the 9th House such as higher education, long-distance travel, and profound subject matter like philosophy or spirituality.

Venus is in Pisces in your solar 10th House when March starts off. This will pair with the position of the Sun, bringing passion and deep feeling to your career and public persona. Pisces will help you take a kind look at how you are perceived and work well with those in your career.

Mars starts the month in Taurus, in your solar 12th House. If you have been working on overcoming matters of your 12th House that tend to feed into your self-undoing, keep going with that. Mars in Taurus will help you endure and persist.

On March 4th, Mars enters Gemini in your solar 1st House. Unleash your natural ability to communicate. Mars will provide you with the energy and power you need to get your point across whether that’s through speaking or writing. Enjoy extra charm and charisma from this combination as well.

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter on March 5th. This aspect with your ruling planet, Mercury, will bring an extra dose of cleverness, hopefulness, and generosity. Enjoy this lucky aspect to its fullest.

On March 13th, the New Moon will fall in Pisces in your solar 10th House. The New Moon offers the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Is there anything related to your career or the way the public views you that you were hoping to start anew? Or perhaps you have a completely new career path to begin. Whatever it is, Pisces will help you approach this fresh start with compassion and sensitivity.

On March 15th, Mercury will enter Pisces in the 10th House, giving you some helpful intuition in relation to your career and public image. Your thoughts will be gentler and more peaceful than normal due to Pisces influence. Use this extra tact to dig deep into what you think about your current career and get creative on where you want to be in the future.

The Sun enters Aries in your solar 11th House on March 20th, officially signaling the beginning of Aries season and the start of a new astrological year. You will be able to approach 11th House matters like friends, hopes, and dreams with courage and unwavering energy. Channel your inner leader and jump right in. This combination complements your natural ability to socialize and communicate.

On March 21st, Venus follows the Sun into Aries in your solar 11th House. Your ideas of love in relation to the 11th House will likely feel inconstant, but you will definitely have a lot of energy.

Mercury will sextile Uranus on March 21st, bringing with it original thought and curiosity. Relish your natural independence and quick-wit during this aspect.

Mercury will square Mars on March 24th, making you feel irritable and grumpy. You might want to start arguments during this aspect. But don’t worry, this is one of the only combative aspects this month.

The Full Moon in Libra in your solar 5th House will land on March 28th. Enjoy the creativity and diplomacy of Libra to really get into your 5th House. There is something there that needs to be illuminated. Maybe you need to have some fun. If so, this Full Moon will help you do just that.

Mercury will conjunct Neptune on March 30th to end the month strong. You will have a burst of creativity and might have an increased interest in spiritual or mystical matters.

Overall, this month starts with a focus on the 10th House of career but then will shift to the more comfortable, sociable 11th House that has to do with your friends. Take the opportunity to socialize.

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