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July 2021 Gemini Horoscope

Gemini, the kinetic Twins that prance instead of walk, July will be a very intricate month for your mental personality. Your ruler Mercury will make several cosmic transitions that will affect both your light twin and your dark twin’s energy. You will become extremely artistic and release your emotions into your work, friendships, and ambitions. The Cancer’s season contains planetary alignments that will feed you plentifully and will allow you to harness their powers to attract anything you desire. Your conquest can manifest in the form of recognition from your peers and just when they enter your seductive atmosphere will you have them in the palm of your hands. Transcendent and fun Twins of Gemini, you are magnetic. The people you attract are exactly what you need, and you are what they need, and this will prove true during your visit in the 4th house.

Gemini, you are the popular friend that hypnotizes those who encounter you and the person we all wish we could have or become.

The twins are explorative creatures, so when Jupiter quintiles Uranus on the 3rd, the twins will seek adventure in an exaggerated manner. This can be in the form of skydiving, or cliff-hanging, or trying a new hobby for the first time. I must warn you to dance with caution, spontaneous Gemini, sometimes your endeavors can be exaggeratingly daring and the thrill-seeker in you will find themselves in situations that are borderline dangerous. Do not impede your spontaneous spirit, but please do be considerate. Jupiter quintile Uranus will have you experiencing feelings of restlessness and anxiety, both of which you do not necessarily handle with grace. However, kinetic energy is a force you can handle Gemini, but you must learn to control your urges and release them through positive mediums that will reap you higher reward. Go for a long run in the brisk air to release the jitteriness in your spirit or let out some steam from yourself mentally by writing your creative urges away.

A delicate time will come for Gemini when Mercury enters Cancer’s emotional and spiritual waters on the 11th. Cancer, a sign of intense emotion, is the opposite of Gemini. Gemini is not completely emotionless, but rather more logical in thinking and may seem fickle at times. So when the Twin’s ruler Mercury enters the emotional mindset of Cancer, Gemini can feel a sense of overwhelming forces. Gemini is artistic, so when these emotions begin to erupt from their darker twin, they can diffuse this matter through any type of craft. Let your darker twin come out and explore their pain and emotion, dualistic Gemini. The darker twin may run your negativity, but they hold most of Gemini’s emotional tendencies. The darker twin is always in the shadows unless it’s required to state their presence so giving them some fresh air to release their long-held emotions will restore harmony within the spirit of the Twins. Remember to express yourself through art instead of toxic encounters with people and you shall remain safe.

At the same time, Chiron will retrograde on the 15th, making you slip into the artist’s slump. You will find it difficult to groom yourself, eat, or focus any amount of attention on any task due to falling entranced in the art that your spirit will be manifesting. You will indulge in your vices and create work of pain. You will sing, break down, and think. It will be a very transformative time for your being. However, the persona of a “wild-thing” will not last long because the Sun will enter Leo on the 22nd, causing you to get out of your slump and seek attention. Now that you’ve had time to create something worth seeing, you will want to present it to the world and garner eyes in your direction. Bragging is your favorite activity and during this time you will not have enough to say about yourself and your ideas. You will tell everyone your business and offer your opinion, even if they’re not necessarily needed. But it won’t matter for Gemini whose personality is living in the boldness characteristic of Leo. During the stay of the Sun in the 5th house, you will be intuned with your emotional logic while seeking validation for your current state of being.

Prepare for the feelings to intensify when Mercury enters Leo. This will be the time that the twins get dressed in their finest attire and strut their stuff in public events. They will seek the attention they rightfully deserve and find it in romantic corners of the universe. Gemini is naturally promiscuous and they have no problem in the dating scene. Gemini is almost as confident as Leo, gallantly walking and behaving in ways that are attractive, almost as if the Sun was your ruler instead of communicative Mercury. But it is this gift of communication that allows Gemini to lasso in their prey with their articulate tongue. Anyone who encounters Gemini when Mercury is in Leo will be automatically attracted to Gemini’s confidence and eloquent manner of speaking. Gemini’s friends and family will want to be surrounded by the party atmosphere and be proud to have such a popular guy or gal in their life.

Once you’ve gathered your desired-folk around your table, you will share with them your ethereal qualities. Ceres, the ruler of womanhood and motherly love, will enter Mercury on the last day of July. Even though this is the last day of July’s life cycle, the energy of Ceres will begin to rise in the days before, giving you a shoulder of comfort for your friends to express their feelings. You will take care of all those who you’ve attracted, whether you’re showing how great of a cook you are for a potential partner or doing some friend’s laundry because they feel exhausted, you will be the person everybody will go to. Just remember it is important to not forget yourself during this time Gemini, and perhaps show that same motherly love to your darker twin as well.

Gemini, you are a creative and seductive person during your time in the Crab’s sandy dunes. It is important for you to love yourself and allow your darker twin to get some air every once and awhile. Be careful with your spontaneity and always remain safe. Remember you are the friend your loved ones can count on.

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