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May 2021 Gemini Horoscope

Mystical twin flames of Gemini, this month brings celestial events that will trigger a metamorphosis for your upcoming full Mercurian form. The month of May will specifically target the Gemini’s sense of awareness, communication, and the way they view themselves. As you manifest your inner nesting during your stay in the 2nd house, the influence of Taurus will get you in tip-top shape for your seasonal debut! You will let go of last year’s indifferences, read and write, and focus on self-education. Gemini, the intellectual and communicative twins, your cycle’s renewal is like the New Year. May is the time your Sun Twin creates boundaries for the Moon Twin, setting intentions and starting new resolutions. Therefore, my spontaneous and ever-changing Gemini, expect to shed your skin and be reborn.

In the beginning of May, you will find that the Last Quarter Moon appearing on the 3rd day will help you set a clean canvas for your new painting. Think of the Last Quarter Moon as a detox that will flush out the toxins and bad energy that is not going to serve the twins moving forward. Gemini, people love that just as much as you need stimulation, you also exert that same energy into the world providing humanity with millennia of entertainment. This sometimes brings strangers into your life that are not there for your best interest, but rather to gain your sacred knowledge and feed off the cultured words you fluently speak. In May, expect to make peace with your enemies, cut off long-term friendships and relationships that bought you negativity, and change your living situation or perhaps move away entirely. Not only is keeping the same environment toxic to the Gemini, but it is especially damaging for your darker twin, influencing them to make wrong decisions and act out carelessly.

Don’t move to the dark side Gemini, use the force of the Last Quarter Moon to cleanse your grudges and debts!

Once you begin with a clean slate, it is time for the Gemini to begin their masterpiece. One of the most mystical events for the twin is when Mercury enters Gemini, the perfect setting for the seed of change to grow. On the 3rd, the planet of intellect and communication will reign in its own kingdom. As Gemini’s ruler, it gives the siblings the tools they need to transform and transcend. Aside from living in your own season, this planetary alignment is you at your absolute, and there’s never been a more stellar Gemini than during this time. What does this mean for the twins? Reading, reading, reading, and more reading. You know that self-help finance book you bought at Barnes and Nobles and never read? You’re going to finish that this time!

My mental-motored twin, I understand your thoughts are coming through at lightning speeds and right now you’re parched for the liquid elixir of knowledge. You’re going to read books, you’re going to write plays and short stories, you’re going to watch all the videos you can online that have to do with finance, confidence building, and biological health. Don’t feel bad if you don’t sleep as much Gemini, your rapid thoughts wouldn’t let you even if you tried.

Along with this thirst for knowledge comes a chatty and explorative period for the twins. Venus enters Gemini on the 8th, causing you to become a flirtatious chatterbox that is going to seduce new lovers and friends for your upcoming year. Venus, the ruler of sensuality, love, and desires will bring out Gemini’s social creativity and attract fresh faces for Gemini to stimulate their eyes and mind. Depending on the worldly circumstances around you, your tendency to go out and enjoy dinners and outings will increase. The Gemini is not one to necessarily break rules, but rather make the rules work for them. So even in a post-pandemic world, the Gemini will find ways to expose themselves to new experiences and new people. I caution the twins, however, to pay importance to the smaller details. Since Mercury in Gemini causes the twins to observe the universe with a wide-pan view, it is difficult for them to remember the little things that keep them safe and away from illness. Don’t let yourself get sick before you host your big birthday bash…

On the 20th of May, the Sun will enter Gemini, meaning that your moon twin will likely be staying home during your social outings. Careful while developing new friendships, for the only twin that will be present will be the Sun Twin, causing you to set an impression that isn’t your real self. The Sun Twin represents all your divine qualities: your intellect, your cultured mind, your charismatic cleverness, and chattiness. Making friends is easy for the Sun Twin and people are magnetically attracted to them physically and mentally. During this time, my multi-dimensional Gemini, you will not be genuine. You will be stuck on the first-impression mode and only show the best version of yourself. Careful building foundations that are not sturdy enough to allow for long-lasting relationships and friendships.

As the month comes to an end, the Twin will experience the slowing of their ambitions and come to a restful stop. On the 26th, the Lunar Eclipse will empower the Moon Twin and feed them until they are at their most powerful. Breath my well-behaved Sun Gemini, it is important you manage the bad sibling before they destroy the house. Jealousy and lies will start to culminate in your circle of friends, partly because you want to impress them but also because you’re over-stimulated (which at times the Gemini fails to realize). Mercury Retrograde begins on the 27th, and its rapid pull of energy moving backwards will cause Gemini to sit back in their seats as they await for guests to arrive in their house. This will also settle your moon sibling, and both of you will wait patiently for festivities to begin.

Gemini, you know exactly what you do and do everything with intention. Very smart of you. Your keen sense of observation and adaptation to your surroundings is what makes you who you are, but at the same time can also cause pain for the twins in the physical world. This month focus on building yourself, helping your darker side be less malevolent while watering the plants of genuineness and prosperity.

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