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Horoscope 2021 Capricorn

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Horoscope 2021 Capricorn

Overview of 2021 Astrological events that are vital for the fate of the Zodiac sign Capricorn during the course of the White Metal Ox Year

After a tremendous period of personal growth, Capricorn, you have a marvelous opportunity in 2021. You are going to use this time to put all that growth to the test. Think of 2021 as the lab component of a science class: 2020 was your theoretical instruction time and now it’s time for some practical experimentation. That’s right: you’re going to become your own lab rat. That may not sound attractive when you hear it like that, but you’re going to be the beneficiary of all the scientific gains you made in the previous year. You’re going to come out of this like Captain America. In fact, that’s the perfect role model for you in 2021.

And just like Captain America is the epitome of health and vigor, you, Capricorn, need to make sure from a professional that you’re in top shape. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten to a doctor or gym, now is the time. Yes, we know it’s such a cliche to start an exercise program in January, but this particular January is the prime time for Capricorns to do just that. The stars want you to get a sense of how your body is, inside and out. Find out what (if anything) you need to watch out for this year. Here’s where that science metaphor comes in handy: think of this as a big experiment you’re having performed on yourself. Entrust your doctors and trainers to put you through your paces to see what makes you tick. But don’t just sit back passively while they poke and prod you. You’re going to go the extra mile to make sure you’re a healthy citizen: eat well, get your exercise, wash your hands, all the things Captain America would do. No need to wear a shield (unless that’s your thing. You do you, queen).

Late February going into March means lots of activity in your workplace (if you have a workplace). This could take the form of a big shakeup at your company. Don’t panic if that’s the case (and certainly take it as a reflection of your abilities. This is the result of forces far beyond your control). Just dust yourself off and start working your network of friends and family, even if they have no immediate connection with your industry. By the time October comes around, you’re probably going to hear from your original job anyway. At that point you might want to ask yourself: would returning to this be a step forward or a step back?

If this doesn’t result in a big shakeup at your work, there are still plenty of changes floating in the air in March. Your job, Capricorn, is to be prepared for organizational changes coming down the pipe. But you’re known for being adaptable, right? Of course, you are. Growth means learning to change when you need to to survive, and that’s well in your wheelhouse. It’s at this point you can decide if these changes are the sort that you’d like to keep making.

If you AREN’T currently working, March is going to be a wonderful bounty for you. A job you had been eyeing for a while will suddenly become open, but you’ll need to act fast to grab it. That means to start all preparation for it in January: get the resume together, practice your interview, visualize yourself going there Monday morning. You want to demonstrate that you were born for this position (because, in a way, you were).

April is a weird time for love to be in the air, but then again, you’ve always been a slightly weird figure, Capricorn. For whatever reason, Eros’ energy is shining down on you during the month of April and you would do best to pay close, careful attention. If there’s someone you’ve had your eye on for a while, now is the time to make the first move. A coffee invitation would not be out of the question here, so don’t be shy. If you have no one in your field of vision, it’s time to get yourself out there networking a bit more. No, we’re not saying you need to hit the nightclubs to find that partner (ugh). But you do need to get yourself around people. A lot more people.

In fact, love and sexuality are going to have some very interesting arcs over the last two-thirds of the year for you, Capricorn. What’s interesting is that they won’t just have two arcs, but several. How is this possible? Well, love and sex can each take on a variety of forms, as well as sometimes look like the other. Confusing? As always, but you don’t need to write a dissertation on it. What you do need to do is keep your eyes open to all the different ways people around you express love and sexual attraction. You’re going to find yourself in May being attracted to people you wouldn’t expect to be otherwise. This might shock you a bit and give you a minor identity crisis for a tiny bit. Don’t sweat it. You’ve always been about reinventing yourself, Capricorn, and this is just part of that process. In fact, this might not even stick. This is like going to a new restaurant and trying food you don’t ordinarily eat. It might become a regular stop for you or it might be a once a year thing. That’s a good thing for you to keep in mind while you’re with this person. Don’t set your expectations any higher than this and don’t sweat what it means about you. It means you’re trying things and that’s good. You’ll have a couple of other experimental moments like these during the year, specifically in August and November. Think of them as your relationship tourism moments. Enjoy them and move on.

Love is going to move in a steady line with you, Capricorn, following the path of Venus in your sky. Yes, all the other signs are going to be aware of her, but she’s going to be beaming some very specific energy at you during 2021. You’re going to slowly grow the awareness of what makes you (and specifically you) a better partner over the course of the year. That wisdom will stick with you beyond that, of course, but think of it like you’re taking an online course in between your other obligations. That knowledge will slowly grow in the margins as you go about your day. You’ll be amazed at the progress you’ve made by the time you hit December. In fact, this is a good time to write down some discoveries you’ve made about how you are as a lover and partner and see what they say about you. And as 2022 begins, you’re not going to drop that class. You’re going to keep slowly learning and changing in the margins, making progress you never would have expected in yourself.

The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock, Capricorn, but we don’t want you just sitting by the fire with some brandy, pondering the universe. You have an exercise you need to do to make sure everything has sunken in. You might think of it as your final exam. Make a list of every achievement achieved during 2021 and some random thoughts associated with it. Don’t leave anything out, no matter how seemingly small it may be. We want you to end up with a sort of road map for the year, even if it’s scattered and slightly random. You’re going to make this as a sort of guide for someone else to potentially follow for success. Because guess what? You’re going to talk through this to someone next year who could use the guidance. Early in 2022, you’ll find a friend or acquaintance reaching out to you for a little help. Use your experience to give them a little wisdom and help them on their way. It probably seems a little egotistical to do something like this, but it turns out you’ve gained a TON of useful information this year that can be shared with others. This is probably going to take up most of the month, so make sure you’re setting aside productive time for it.

By December, it’s pencils down and time to turn in your lab books. You will have conducted a number of experiments on yourself this year, all producing results you couldn’t possibly have foreseen. That’s how scientific experimentation works: you charge fully into ignorance and emerge the other side, informed. And just like Captain America, you’ve used your newfound powers for good and will continue to do so, especially when it’s good for you. That’s not greedy self-serving. That’s you taking care of yourself. 2021 will be a time for tremendous growth, Capricorn. And 2022 will see you moving on to further grand adventures. Enjoy the journey and make sure to publish your findings.

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