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March 2021 Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn, this month starts off with a big focus in your 3rd House as Pisces season draws to a close. When we move to Aries season later in the month, your mind will shift to focus on your home and how you feel about it.

The Sun starts March in Pisces in your solar 3rd House. Pisces lends compassion, intuition, and creativity to matters of the 3rd House. Align your identity easily with things like written communication, speaking, and the people around you.

Mercury starts off March in Aquarius in your solar 2nd House. Originality and curiosity are a hallmark of Mercury in Aquarius and will help you communicate your needs in relation to 2nd House matters like money and possessions.

Venus starts the month in Pisces in your solar 3rd House. Communicate with tact, sensitivity, and creativity. Talk to the neighbors and distant relatives you’ve been meaning to connect with. Pisces will help you do this with compassion.

Mars is in Taurus for just a few more days in your solar 5th House. Take this time to have a little bit of fun. Maybe treat yourself to a rare luxury. Trying to gain possessions or money might work out well right now. Rely on persistent Taurus and energetic Mars to give you the power you need to get things done creatively.

Mars enters Gemini on March 4th in the solar 6th House. Your mind will move quickly and easily with Mars in Gemini and your focus will be on daily work and your health. Use the intelligence provided by Mars in Gemini to take action at work or in a way that will improve your health.

The New Moon in Pisces in your solar 3rd House will land on March 13th. The New Moon is the perfect time for fresh starts. In this case, you will likely be focusing on things that have to do with your 3rd House like communication, short trips, neighbors, or distant relatives. Pisces’ influence in this New Moon will help you make a new start with tact, sensitivity, and compassion. Put Pisces’ creative powers to use as well to help you start afresh.

On March 15th, Mercury enters Pisces in the 3rd House, moving your mind to communication, short trips, things having to do with neighbors, or distant relatives. Pisces’ influence will help you approach 3rd House topics with creativity and compassion. You might be more sensitive than normal during this time.

The Sun will enter Aries on March 20th in your solar 4th House. This is the beginning of a new astrological year. Channel Aries’ courage and energy to shift your focus to matters of the home. Get clear on what you want from your physical residence and emotionally safe place.

On March 21st, Venus will enter Aries in your solar 4th House. Your focus will switch to your home, whether that is physical or emotional. With Venus stationed here, you will be focusing on how your relationships fit into your concept of home. With Aries here, you might find it hard to settle and will feel the need to jump in headfirst with matters of the 4th House.

Mars will trine Saturn on March 22nd, giving you extra powers of perseverance. You’ll be able to succeed even in the face of difficulties. Saturn and Mars combine to give you good staying power and enough seriousness to carry you through.

The Full Moon in Libra on March 28th falls in your 10th House. The Full Moon illuminates things that you might not have noticed before. If there is something with your career or public persona that you haven’t noticed, it might become obvious now. Libra will help you deal with this in a diplomatic, charming way.

Venus will sextile Saturn on March 30th, adding extra dedication and seriousness to your relationships in business and love. Not that you need any help being dedicated and faithful, but this aspect will fit well with your natural tendencies, Capricorn.

The Sun will sextile Saturn on March 31st, providing you with the ability to persevere through just about anything. Put your plans into action and wrap up the month on a high note.

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