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January 2021 Capricorn Horoscope

We roll into January in the middle of the Capricorn season. The beginning of the month starts off nicely and the houses you’ll be focusing on the most are the 1st and 2nd. This will be an excellent time to achieve goals, make future plans, and focus on your future earnings. With Aquarius’ influence, it’s the perfect time to get creative.

On January 1st, Mercury will sextile Neptune, sending your mind down a creative, imaginative path. Shortly after on January 4th, Mercury will conjunct Pluto through the 5th, bringing with its flexibility and the ability to change your mind without resistance.

On January 6th, Mars enters Taurus in your solar 5th House. Your slow, steady approach to creativity will continue with Mars in this sign and house. Matters involving children, art, gardening, building, or other creative endeavors will be able to start small now and grow with ease as time passes. Taurus might not be fast, but it is dependable.

On the 8th and 9th, the Sun will sextile Neptune, Mercury will square Mars, and Venus will trine Mars. Overall, we will all be a little more critical of things during this time, but we will also have a good imagination and our feelings of love will flow easily.

Mercury enters Aquarius in your solar 2nd House. Unique, inventive ideas about money and earnings might flow swiftly during this time. Your curious mind will be let loose and you might find that you are able to come up with fresh new ideas that will impact what you earn and how you earn it.

Venus will enter Capricorn in your solar 1st House. Your careful nature might feel somewhat more open and loving during the time. Let Venus’ influence open your heart and express what you feel to those you love. With the combination of Venus and Capricorn, you will be quite a capable provider during this time.

From January 9th through the 10th, Mercury will be conjunct your ruling planet, Saturn. This aspect will bring patience and endurance.

Then on January 11th, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter and Mars will square Saturn. You will likely feel optimistic, but your energy might be out of reach at times. Throughout this month, try to give yourself permission to relax when you need to. You are naturally hard-working, so it’s okay to take a break now and then.

On January 12th, Mercury will square Uranus, making us all a little tactless. We might waste our energy on needless tasks.

January 13th and 14th bring together sentimental, romantic ideas with eccentric perspectives. Venus will trine Uranus for a pleasant aspect.

The New Moon in Capricorn in your solar 1st House will be a breath of fresh air. Take this time to reinvent yourself or start something completely new. Capricorn will help you sew the seeds you with to harvest later. Set goals. Be realistic. Prepare for the future. Many things that you do best Capricorn! The New Moon will reward your ability to start something new.

On January 14th, the Sun will conjunct Pluto and Jupiter will square Uranus. Self-confidence and willfulness will abound.

On January 19th, Mars will conjunct Uranus, giving us all a burst of energy. If it runs away with you, remember to relax. This aspect can lend itself to stress.

The Sun will enter Aquarius on the 19th, signaling an end to the Capricorn season. It will fall in your solar 2nd House. With mind and body aligned, focus on your money, possessions, and future earnings. You have the ability and will to make progress in this area.

On January 20th through the 26th, Mars will square Jupiter, causing impulsive behavior for all of us.

On the 23rd and 24th, you can take advantage of the Sun conjunct Saturn for a burst of self-confidence and seriousness. Venus will also sextile Neptune through the 24th, lending some creativity to a serious time.

On January 28th, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter and Venus will conjunct Pluto. Enjoy this day filled with humor and passion.

The Full Moon in Leo will arrive in your solar 8th House on January 28th. You might feel introspective on this day. Find balance in your spirituality and remember that you are in charge of all areas of your own life. Plus, don’t forget to enjoy a little bit of Leo’s joy and fun while the Full Moon lasts.

The end of the month will throw us all for a loop. Sun will square Mars on January 30th and 31st making us all argumentative and willing to take unwise risks. On January 30th, Mercury will enter retrograde, making matters of communication and travel somewhat more difficult than normal.

On the whole, enjoy this month focused on the development of yourself and earning potential. Stay open to new ideas.

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