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March 2021 Pisces Horoscope

Happy (continued) birthday season, Pisces! March starts off with the focus in your solar 1st House and then shifts to the 2nd House once we enter a new astrological year later in the month.

The Sun in Pisces in your 1st House brings your natural compassion, kindness, and intuition. As the end of the cycle, this will likely feel somewhat peaceful for you Pisces.

Mercury is in Aquarius in the solar 12th House at the beginning of March. Your cleverness and curiosity will shine as your thoughts delve into matters of the 12th House like secrets, hidden things, and matters related to your self-undoing. Aquarius’ influence brings innovation to your thoughts.

Venus starts the month in Pisces in your solar 1st House, putting the focus of your passion and love at the forefront. Your natural sensitivity and tenderness will likely come out strong during this time. Let yourself work with your kindness and gentle nature.

Mars will be in Taurus for a few more days in your solar 3rd House. If there are matters that have to do with communication (written or spoken), short trips and travel, neighbors, or distant relatives, now is the time to lay those plans. Mars in Taurus will give you the energy you need to persevere. This might also be a good time to look into gaining some money or material possessions.

On March 4th, Mars enters Gemini in the 4th House. This will bring with it energy and intelligence related to matters of the 4th House: physical and emotional home. Your charm and charisma will help you with these matters.

The Sun will conjunct your ruling planet, Neptune, on March 11th, bringing with it the need to be artistic and expressive. You will also likely have good taste during this time.

The New Moon in Pisces in your solar 1st House on March 13th will bring compassion, sensitivity, and creativity to your sense of self and identity. The New Moon gives you a fresh start, so if there’s anything relating to how you see yourself that you want to start anew, now is the time.

On March 14th, Venus will conjunct Neptune, enhancing your natural sensitivity, kindness, and imaginative abilities. You might feel somewhat confused when it comes to love relationships.

On March 15th, Mercury will enter Pisces in your solar 1st House, aligning your thoughts with your identity for a few days. Your intuition will likely feel even more accurate than normal.

On March 20th, the Sun enters Aries in your solar 2nd House and we officially begin the new astrological year. You will benefit from energy and courage in matters of money and material possessions.

Venus will follow the Sun closely on March 21st and enter Aries in your solar 2nd House. With Venus in the 2nd House, you might feel even more drawn to beauty and luxury.

On March 28th, the Full Moon in Libra falls in your solar 8th House. This will bring to light something related to your 8th House like debt or ancestry. Lean into Libra’s diplomatic, charming nature to get through this Full Moon with clarity.

On March 30th, Mercury will conjunct Neptune, gifting you with extra creativity and a deeper look into mysticism.

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