January 2022 Pisces Monthly Horoscope

January 2022 Pisces Horoscope

For Pisces, January 2022 presents a plethora of different ideas and ways to ensure the implementation of these ideas. Plenty of active interactions will your colleagues and partners can very well lead you to find lots of profitable deals or new promotions within your workplace. If you are especially attentive to your own ideas and those of your coworkers’ there will be potential for new and interesting projects to arise. You will receive a lot of support from others especially if you focus on your good nature, sense of responsibility, and overall diligence. During the majority of the month, Venus will be in a phase of the retrograde movement. There isn’t a guarantee of overwhelming success within your personal life. However, it is very probable that your relationships will undergo positive developments. If you are able to maintain consistent levels of politeness and sensitivity when communicating with others, you will be well rewarded. Avoid acting, in any regard, in haste, or with anger.

In early January, you will receive increased energy for the Sun in a sextile towards Pisces that will be extremely helpful in resolving any ongoing business issues. Your continuous good humor and optimism will improve the majority of your relationships. Mercury will be in Capricorn during this time and will also help contribute to your pleasant communication and socialization with others. Ideally, you will spend the New Moon in Capricorn on January 2nd planning for the future. It’s always beneficial for you to plan as much as you possibly can. After the day of the New Moon, Mercury will create a new aspect, highlighting your talent for innovation. The sextile of Venus will create ideal conditions for your talents and qualities to be acknowledged by others. However, the square of Mars will warn you to be careful not to overwork yourself or over exert yourself emotionally. Don’t miss a chance to prove yourself, but try to balance this with not acting in complete haste.

Towards the middle of the month, your business aspects will bloom. There may be an emergence of new responsibilities at work, which can lead to some much deserved promotions, bonuses, or some other positive reward. The semi-sextile of Mercury to the Sun will create instant insights and complete ease of communication with others. This is an ideal set of conditions for academic work and working with others. Starting on the 16th of the month, Mercury will begin to turn back. This makes it especially important for you to not break with reality. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 18th of January will be a perfect day for you to engage in active recreation and social interaction. The influence of Venus will help you to interact with others be so positive and persuasive that you can convince even the strongest of your opponents to agree with you. Yet, be careful to act harshly against opposing views or engage in any rash actions. Mars is not conducive to these actions.

On January 20th, the Sun will enter into the sign of Aquarius. This will provide you with some much needed harmony and peace of mind. You have been intensely stressed as of late, so this reprieve could not come at a better time. This change of pace will be particularly handy after enduring the intense transit of Mars. This Mars transit usually elicits a plethora of violent emotions. However, on the 25th of the month, the square in the horoscope will transition into a sextile. This is a much better placement for the implementation of any plans you may have. At this point, any sort of initiative or competition will help contribute to your success.

Mercury will also form a sextile to your sign. However, with this planetary position, you will have an increased level of flexibility and movement to your thoughts and feelings. Venus, the planet of love and connection, doesn’t necessarily exclude happy occurrences within your relationships or with your finances. However, for you, you should weigh on the side of caution with your interactions with others. It’s very easy for you to forget about this aspect, but you have to recognize the importance of the interests, wants, and needs of those around you. It will also be best for you to avoid making any impulse decisions with your finances. Take your time in making the final decision about any of your purchases this month. It is always best to be on the more cautious side when it comes to financial endeavors.

During the final days of January, you may feel a wide array of different emotions. It may seem like your emotions are all over the place. However, you are lucky enough that this sense of emotional chaos will not last very long. By the time February is underway, your emotions will be much more consistent.

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