July 2022 Pisces Monthly Horoscope

July 2022 Pisces Horoscope

Pisces' 2022 started quite bombastic with the ruler of your sign, Jupiter's ingress, into your 1st house in mid-December last year. As far as astrology goes, this configuration is quite the lucky one. Usually, Pisceans born in the daytime get to benefit a bit more from such a transit, but this year we've also been graced with Venus conjoining Jupiter in April, which is good for Pisceans all around. While that doesn't necessarily mean that your year so far has been without any cuts and bruises, it sure has been much easier than the previous ones.

Now, with that reprise aside, since May, Jupiter actually left your sign and/or 1st house to move on to the next sign in order and, therefore, your 2nd house. This doesn't necessarily diminish any of Jupiter's blessings, but it merely shifts it somewhere else.

You're probably already asking yourself, "I thought horoscopes were supposed to forecast the future, not just tell me what I already know."

Well, Astrology is only ever good when we take the past into account because that's the thing with cycles, they repeat themselves, so if you look at what happened in the past, you can better understand the future. And July is one of those months where that's very much necessary. This is because, by the end of the month, Jupiter will be stationing retrograde, meaning that from now onwards, it will start getting ready to revisit your 1st house and give you a little bit more of the blessings that transpired and peaked at around April. Though the re-ingress only officially happens in October, the journey starts now.

Since Jupiter's been in your 2nd house, many of the blessings he brought were related to worth, money and resources. Especially throughout June and the first week of this month, this might've been significantly noticeable, even more so if you were born at night and are either 25, 37, 49 or 61. This is important to note because many of the financial gains you might've experienced in the past month or so will begin to slow down as the month progresses. This shouldn't be a need to worry, though, since a planet retrograde will eventually go back to moving forward again, but for your sake, it's best to count on such affluence to be more of a 2023 thing when Jupiter transits through your 2nd house for almost a whole year.

The Full Moon of the 13th of July might even help you get ready to unwind as it's happening in your 11th house of hopes, dreams and alliances. This one specifically is here to help you gain a greater level of certainty about who deserves to be called your friend. This is because the energies of this lunation are tied to your 12th house, the house traditionally attributed to hidden enemies, but in modern days, you'll often find people whom you simply don't get along with anymore. At this time, you might either solve relational issues with a friend if you were born by day or by night. A "friend" will likely show their true face. You can expect a few disputes, but know that it's for the better. Through this whole time, you'll have Mercury in your 5th house of joy and creativity, providing some support to these events, meaning that the event is more likely to take place in a comfortable setting and with ease in communication. At the very worst, this will be an agreement to disagree sort of situation. But to go back to Jupiter getting ready to go retrograde, this will be an opportunity for you to address those worth-related issues headfirst. However, this is less about money and more about your time's worth.

The New Moon, on the 28th, though, is a bit different. This is because, by this point, Jupiter will have officially stationed, meaning that to us, it will look like it stopped moving in the sky. This will be especially important if you have any planets at around 5-10 degrees of Aries. You might feel a big hit a first, almost as if you lost the drive to achieve and be yourself, but it's actually quite the opposite. Since Jupiter is your ruling planet, and by then, you'll have had your crash course on your values, this will be time to re-integrate what you've learnt. Get ready for many "aha!" moments through this retrograde; you won't be the same by the time it ends (in the best way possible)

Like you probably already noticed, Pisces, July is a month for big changes for you. Still, know that with the retrograde, these things will take time. Now that you know you're embarking on this new journey of change take the time you need to reflect on what you need from the world to begin to move forward again. Every little event and conversation with teachers or spiritualists at this point has the power to shake your world, so buckle up and start philosophizing. Good luck, Pisces!

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