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for December 24th

If your Birthday is December 24th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

December 24th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 24th of December are imagined to be friendly, positive and understanding with the usual Capricorn high standards and lots of practicality. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus encouraging you to be very purposeful and competitive yet also rather tactful and cooperative. If you have this birthday your naturally impartial and instinctive
temperament is guided by a keen sense of responsibility. Slightly eccentric and quite emotional you seem to take an active sociable approach to life and will usually strongly dislike conflict of any kind. With your charming and persuasive manner you are ordinarily warm, generous and reliable with a proud independence. Individuals with a December the twenty fourth birthday possess a sharp
wit and a quiet strong will but they need structure as well as purpose so demanding, difficult, impatient behavior is possible at times. You will be incredibly respectful of honesty and have a long memory that means you find it hard to forgive hurt or betrayal.

Work and Finances

Any occupation that offers chances of further promotion will be a popular work choice
to a person born on the twenty fourth of December. A hard worker you are willing to make sacrifices in the pursuit of recognition of your talents and success at work. Being resolute and ambitious directs you to be highly productive while your charm and friendliness makes you a wonderful workmate. Financial security is important to you and you will be
careful and skilled regarding monetary planning and management. You are inclined to make prosperous investments throughout life that could even enable you to be able to retire from working earlier than many of your peers.

Personal Relationships

For a Capricorn, the person born on the twenty fourth day of December is typically fairly disinterested in romance but with a huge capacity for love.
Seemingly a little complicated emotionally you seek a caring partner who understands you and shares your resoluteness and similar aspirations for a happy settled relationship. You will usually prefer to take the lead in the partnership and this can cause the occasional argument but this is soon calmed by your fairness and craving for harmony. You are commonly compatible with someone
of the same goat star sign for an all or nothing loving union. Although you are prone to a streak of jealousy but will express total loyalty and devotion to a special soul mate. You may be fabulously enthusiastic, lusty and energetic in the bedroom but also in a refined and considerate manner. Honest, trustworthy and a bit sentimental you will
strive to adhere to your amorous promises.


A predilection for looking their best can really benefit the typical healthiness normally experienced by those born on December 24th. Your disciplined willpower and wish to look good allows you to easily stick to a healthy diet and motivates

you to want to exercise regularly. Despite your emotionality stress is rarely an issue as you are
unlikely to let it build by talking over worries with others. People born on this day should aim to further develop their self confidence on the inside in addition to the outside. Doing so could help to boost your general optimism that will in turn assist you take extra care to maintain a continued maximum vitality.

December 24th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are displayed within your visionary, capable and organized mien and your admirable compassion and impartiality. These specific qualities fill you with positivity and along with your secondary fortes of warmth, generosity and a great sense of humor all add to your appealing niceness. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 24th are often
activated when you are distressed, confused or have been betrayed in some way. In these situations your proclivities for impatience, attention seeking and challenging moods will rise.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 24th of December makes you independent and efficient but also cautiously moderate when it comes to setting goals. Your primary ambitions tend to focus on achieving a stable contentment
in family life and spiritual enrichment rather than professional achievements. Dreams have the likelihood to be connected to your acute intuition and instincts and will probably feature your wishes for a propitious exciting future.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty fourth day of the month the two and four in your birth date added together give you a
Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Social' highlighting your fondness of company and avid aversion to and avoidance of disharmony. In Tarot the 6th card in the Major Arcana illustrating the Lovers is associated with your birthday. This reflects your elevated levels of affection, desire and morals. The luckiest gemstone for December the twenty
fourth birthdays is believed to be Turquoise, to be worn for possibly minimizing your touch of conservatism and maximizing your dependability and luckiness.


Astrologically the planet Saturn is thought primarily accountable for the probabilities of all Capricorn personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty fourth of December is governed by Venus's powerful influence prompting slight disparities from other Capricorns.
Your practical willingness to cooperate along with your tactfulness and reliability direct you to be a wonderful friend, co-worker and spouse. Your sociability and hint of eccentricity assist you to be rarely short of something to say and communicate freely and openly. If you are able to conquer your overreactions to distress, confusion and perfidy you should be less moody, abrupt
and calmer. A concluding thought for people born on December the 24th is to try and have more faith in your abilities and talents and aim to learn from and not repeat any errors or misjudgments.

December 24th Horoscope Comments

Spot on Thank you

[ Nikki ] [ Post Reply ]

first time all year and I read my horoscope today and its everything I'm going through right now!! so true 100%

[ CHRIS ] [ Post Reply ]

The conclusive part of this right up is the best encouragement i need.Proud to b born on this day

[ sophia ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty close

[ Abhinav ] [ Post Reply ]

That is just exactly mee

[ victoria ] [ Post Reply ]

That's me

[ Allison ] [ Post Reply ]


[ muneeb ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty accurate; I love being born on December 24th.

[ Neena ] [ Post Reply ]

so true 100% I love my self

[ kween ] [ Post Reply ]

Accurate.I just am glad I have a 24 December birthday

[ Mini Sarkar ] [ Post Reply ]

Incredibly accurate for the most part. I disagree with the great with finances part and not caring for romance though. This has been a great and not so surprising read ;) definitely bookmarking it to come back to.

[ ADAM GFINE ] [ Post Reply ]

99% accurate ...

[ mahvi ] [ Post Reply ]

i think it was accurate on some levels, but i'm very romantic and i love love. I'm outgoing and not too much of a hard worker. I'm much more fiery than what you've described, I still appreciate the effort, though.

[ sort of accurate... ] [ Post Reply ]

You just described me

[ Amanda ] [ Post Reply ]

This is 99% accurate. I do let emotion overrule my life sometimes. I need more self confidence. I love forever once I love.

[ Margaret ] [ Post Reply ]

thank you so much im so happy after read my horoscope

[ thiageswaay ] [ Post Reply ]

Incredibly accurate. Thank you!

[ Vicky ] [ Post Reply ]

I think it's 99% accurate

[ Sbusiso Mntambo ] [ Post Reply ]

I liked this article but it's very serious. I mean, sometimes I find humour in everything I come across. :) But thank you!

[ Therese Reyes ] [ Post Reply ]

yes I am very moody and often let mental distress take over my actions. I evenself doubt my abilities a lot, which makes me internaly less confident. I should have more faith in my abilities. This horoscope is 96% accurate!

[ Mary ] [ Post Reply ]

Thats true,but for a starseed being bornDec.24 its true but theres something else

[ eduardomolina ] [ Post Reply ]

Very accurate! Thank you for making me realize how I am and what I could do to change my mood when I get confused or when something bothers me. 99 percent accurate !

[ MarkGayapa ] [ Post Reply ]

98% accurate.. ! There should be something on ways and things to be done to have a good lifestyle and succed in life.. Thanks a lot..

[ Mukul Vyas ] [ Post Reply ]

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