Birthday Horoscope December 21st

Birthday Horoscope December 21st


If your Birthday is December 21st and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on December 21st under the Zodiac sign Sagittarius



December 21st Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 21st of December are believed to be very inquisitive, imaginative and adventurous as a result of their Sagittarius Capricorn cusp birth date. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter gracing you with an innovative mind and a highly resourceful and purposeful approach. If you have this birthday your incredibly determined temperament has a strong dislike to dishonesty and may be overly cautious at times. Honest and fairly easygoing you are ordinarily more patient and persistent than most zodiac Archers as well as being naturally lucky with an avid wish to make the world a better place. Your high spirits and morals make you a practical realist with lots of open loyalness. Individuals with a December the twenty first birthday are a bit reserved emotionally but also charming, warm and loving with an expressive non verbal manner. Although hard working you can be stubbornly non-conformist and occasionally overindulgent you possess a helpful caring nature and a natural fondness of animals.



December 21st Work and Finances

Any job deemed attractive to a person born on the twenty first of December will evoke plenty of enthusiasm and plenty of personal involvement. You need to be happy and closely involved while working in order to gain maximum satisfaction and be usefully productive. Your determination, practicality and patience are a fabulous combination of attributes for excelling in your chosen profession. Where money is concerned you are able to handle even the most complicated of financial matters and have a tendency to make intelligent and favorable investments. Financially you tend to usually spend wisely and will be motivated to save for future expenses.



December 21st Personal Relationships

For a Sagittarius, the person born on the twenty first day of December is typically openhearted, loyal, passionate and generous in romantic liaisons. Acting on your instincts can make you slow to commit to a long term relationship but also immensely devoted once you do. A perfect partner should be able to coax you into being a little more compromising, share your passion for music and at the same time be your very best friend. You seem to prefer your own company to being with an unsuitable partner and will place great importance on a special soul mate relationship. It will take an even mixture of intellectual and physical attraction to really keep you interested and contented. A tender considerate lover you enjoy indulging in erotic fantasies between the sheets with a partner you completely trust. You are supportive and inclined to spend time reflecting on a relationship issue with an aim to quickly resolve it.



December 21st Health

The overall healthiness usually experienced by those born on December 21st can soon diminish with even a slight neglect of taking care of themselves. Skin may be a weak area of the body where you could suffer allergies so you are advised to stick to bathing or cosmetic products with minimum irritating chemical content. Drinking the recommended daily amount of fluids can also really improve both your complexion and possibly enhance physical and mental performance. People born on this day could find that adding a small spiritual aspect into their life can help create an inner harmony and calmness and potentially drive off a proneness to the odd low mood.



December 21st Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed within your strong will, sharp perception and keen sense of purpose. These particular fortes along with your honesty, persistence and charm will usually shine through into everything you do. Your intense curiosity and expansive imagination are additional positive traits that allow you the ability to regularly come up with inventive and original concepts. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 21st are often due to being tired or upset or as a reaction to a dishonest word or action. Your responsive negativity of overindulgence and stubbornness will surface or you can become bluntly opinionated.



December 21st Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 21st of December means that confidence in your abilities is likely to grow as you get older. You will set and plan goals, but in youth frequently abandon them as a consequence of your hint of caution and sometimes unconfident approach. Maturity usually gives you the extra inspiration and boldness you need to achieve the things that matter most to you. Dreams and personalized aspirations seem to mostly focus on improvement and on occasion may feature your touch of underlying rebel.



December 21st Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty first day of the month your date of birth totals to allocate you a Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' emphasizing your mindful cravings for betterment, variety and progress. In Tarot the 21st mystical Major Arcana card depicting the World is associated with your birthday. This is an indication of your yearnings for meaningful incentives, encouragement and emotional fulfillment. The lucky gemstone for December the twenty first birthdays is thought to be an Amethyst for its assumed properties for boosting morale, attracting success and detracting negative vibes.



December 21st Horoscope Summation

As the last of the Sagittarian personalities your presumed characteristics are imagined to be strongly influenced astrologically by the planet Jupiter. The actual day you were born on, the twenty first of December is ruled over by this same planetary influence doubling its power and making you unique from others with this specific star sign. Your truthful integrity, warmth and affection commonly direct your usual intentions and decisions. Your spirit of adventure mixed with your realism and persistence guide you to have an optimistic open-minded perspective. If you can conquer dismay or deception you will not be as distracted from favorable paths. A concluding thought for people born on December the 21st is to beware any form of resentment.

December Birthday Horoscope

Comments: Birthday Horoscope December 21st

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Anthony 2017-11-20 22:15:36
Waow....this is correct. I am December 21 1983. Still searching the soul mate though. But truly a mix of beauty with brains has always been a craving. Very correct..
emma 2023-11-29 06:44:44
The notion that the stars could align to sketch traits that ring so true is fascinating. Being on the cusp, I've always felt a bit like a blend of two worlds, so to see that echoed in your words is intuitive and validating. Jupiter's influence does indeed seem to bless me with an innovative and resourceful spirit, and my determination does me proud, especially in pursuit of honesty and justice. I do find myself to be patient and persistent, perhaps more so than expected of a Sagittarius, and I carry a genuine desire to contribute positively to the world around me—your recognition of that is heartening. Realism tinged with high spirits and moral fortitude? That's the balance I aim for. While I might guard my emotions with a touch of reserve, the charm, warmth, and love lie just beneath the surface, often communicated without words. Yep, I can be hardworking, sometimes to a fault, and my stubborn streak of non-conformity is well noted. And the overindulgence? Guilty as charged, I'm afraid. But the caring nature and love for animals you speak of—that's the essence of me. To see myself reflected in this astrological tapestry in words that capture my nuances—some I've not even voiced myself—is nothing short of amazing. It's an illuminating connection to my fellow December 21st kin, one that makes me smile in silent wonder.
Jeff 2017-09-05 02:58:19
Honestly it's 99% on the nose... only thing in there that wasn't me would be the finance thing about saving money in bending correctly because I can admit I suck with money and usually spend it as fast as I get it
Lamar 2017-04-26 04:02:24
I was born 21st of December's 1990... a couple accurate things but as far as tarrots ect, 100% fake. Even us saggis born on this day, have totally different natal charts, that explains you whole life and Karmic debt. YouTube Rfg chosen one 1 natal chart science
L. Davis 2016-12-20 17:28:17
Born December 21, 1957...pretty accurate reading...gained more confidence in myself in later years...on the quiet side...very difficult to find that "soul mate"
Anon 2016-12-19 05:49:01
This is so real it's amazing! My determination gets me through everything and I'm still pushing my way through for the person I love and won't give up, no matter what. This is truly amazing everything is correct the way it should be. Persistence and determination are the greatest attributes 🙂 hello fellow Sagittarius'
nerd almighty 2016-12-11 09:32:18
very true words have been said.
Terri 2016-10-24 10:40:27
This is the most accurate thing I've read in a long time. 🙂
Gisela 2016-08-12 23:23:11
Born in december 21 1993
Good to meet yall 🙂
nooryan 2016-02-20 06:41:34
good to see majority of 21st dec ! i'm not alone
doodoodingdong 2016-02-07 11:33:10
why u guys have 2 lie im the only 21 birthday here so stop like gerd
Soha 2016-10-26 21:53:09
Geez. I am born on 21st December. Stop acting meano kid. Grow up.
Boohoo 2016-09-22 06:21:46
You are not the only one with a 21st of December birthday.
danielle 2017-04-16 11:42:15
Message from Boohoo
You are not the only one with a 21st of December birthday.

i have this birthday too 1980
Amanda 2016-05-04 18:05:57
Ummm i was born on December 21, 2000 so ya
Ewa 2016-01-06 14:05:22
Same like u say umm quite interestng hope so my future brings lot of suces #tysm
rhea 2015-12-20 07:35:35
so good to hear good things about me and my fellow 21st dec peope...
tomorrow is 21 dec ,, happy birthday to all 🙂

Carl Macphail 2015-11-05 14:23:25
Looking for my sister born in mauritus in 1972 on the 21st of December the same day as me.
Adopted at
lyn 2015-10-22 01:57:47
Dec 21 1995! So me. I thrive on good grades and a better life.. we must do something with the time we are given.
David 2015-10-18 10:13:45
Very true the only thing is im 48yrs old have no wrinkles or skin problems not sure if its because im mixed race as people believe im in my early 30s
anand 2015-09-21 20:00:05
ya i've skin problem from long time
doesnt matter 2015-09-14 08:29:13
i love the person born on this day but i alwys longs for verbal expression which he is reluctant to give ..........i hope we get married......... i hope he comes up soon i love him 🙁
Helping hand 2016-02-08 19:54:25
Hi! I'm born on December 21st also, it's often difficult for me to express emotions verbally, just understand that he probably loves you, but it's difficult for him to show it. How is your relationship going? Has it gone any further? 🙂 I hope he wasn't to reluctant and made a move!
Suresh 2015-07-30 11:38:42
Yup it's truly me born on 21 a hunter I'm proud to be a half human half wild horse archer.
shinblue 2015-07-21 05:43:10
this is 90% me
21 december 1994
but there's 10% so im gonna make a new horoscope with this 10% 😄
colatha 2015-06-02 17:31:32
So right in every words spoken

maria 2015-05-05 11:24:30
born on the 21st December and this is like slightly accurate.
murali van der kumar 2015-04-24 19:55:40
Skin problems true;) though i was born on dec 22 I find many similair things here
RATCHET BRUH 2015-03-31 04:44:44
That is so me I have some skin problems like dried skin and acne and the rest too
Annonymous 2015-01-16 06:51:32
I srsly have skin problems
Anonymous 2015-01-24 22:30:47
This is so me, every word and about the skin problem I have no idea that would be mentioned, seriously

I am amaze

bishal 2015-01-12 16:01:43
well.......awesome...exactly the same
vishakha 2015-01-06 12:35:56
Exactly same personality i am!!!!
Angel 2014-12-24 05:29:50
1000%me December 21 1992 Sagittarius all day we are the best
Dianne 2015-01-05 12:13:20
I want to be your friend :-)
ashley 2014-12-21 20:49:52
this is 100% right on for me, like they know me! love it !!
capritarius 2014-10-19 13:51:55
At last i got a website with sth true in it 😎
Sid 2014-06-18 02:50:22
99.99% for me. This is so far the best scientifically accurate horoscope I have seen. Great job and thanks so much!

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