Birthday Horoscope March 12th

Birthday Horoscope March 12th


If your Birthday is March 12th and your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on March 12th under the Zodiac sign Pisces



March 12th Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 12th of March are believed to be versatile and articulate with a true Piscean self expressiveness of the highest quality. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter endowing you with lots of charm, intelligence and a youthful enthusiasm for life. If you have this birthday you are a wonderful communicator who is able to easily convey ideas and thoughts brilliantly in both a verbal and visual manner You have an easygoing, cheerful, determined personality that can have a bit of a mischievous sense of humor. Your sociable nature can blow hot and cold emotionally making you friendly the majority of the time but also a person that needs their own space. Individuals with a March the twelfth birthday are naturally drawn to things that are new, interesting and different. You seem to strongly dislike anything humdrum and are soon distracted quickly becoming bored, restless and impatient.



March 12th Work and Finances

Work to a person born on the twelfth of March should preferably be fulfilling and varied rather than highly paid. You need to feel happy in your work so financial recompenses will often take secondary place to the job description or title. Your creative and communicative talents will more often than not lead you towards jobs that utilize these abilities and allow you a sense of usefulness. Although money from working is not a primary concern it does not usually stop you from being a little too frivolous with your spending. With this particular birth date you are sometimes prone to impulse buying.



March 12th Personal Relationships

For a Pisces, the person born on the twelfth day of March is usually less sentimental and more rational about the idea of love than most other fish. From personal friendships you soon learn your emotional durabilities and vulnerabilities and discover how to control the temperature of them in line with your instincts. In romantic situations you may appear submissive and quite sensitive but you can be perplexing as you also present as detached and disinterested at times. An ideal partner must accept you just the way you are, try to understand your highly expressive changeable moods and not take them personally. In a long term relationship you are adventurously passionate, witty, and imaginative. Sharing intimate pleasures with your soul mate is something you enjoy immensely, especially in the form of sexy conversation or role play.



March 12th Health

Issues with health experienced by those born on March 12th are not commonly caused by a dietary imbalance or lack of exercise. You are likely to understand the requirement for certain foods and regular exercise to minimize the possibilities of illnesses. Your physical and mental stamina often requires time alone for rest and reflection to recharge your batteries. People born on this day could find it difficult to relax so can suffer from nervous tension that can disrupt healthiness. Artistic type pursuits and the avoidance of unnecessary stress are recommended to assist with relaxation.



March 12th Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strengths in your character are to be noticed in your versatility, intensity of expression and excellent communication. These strong points help you be very adaptable to changing circumstances in life and able to express your views and opinions effectively. Notable personality weaknesses for those born on March 12th are mostly focused on your touch of impatience trait. This can evoke the tendencies to be occasionally reckless or unpredictable. These negative characteristics tend to be most prominent in your youth if you let your unwillingness to wait for things get the better of you.



March 12th Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 12th of March makes you attracted to whatever you find unusual, intriguing or futuristic. This fascination directs your dreams to be fanciful and full of fantasy hopes and wishes and you will frequently use your dreaming periods to temporarily escape from reality. In contrast your goal setting will be based entirely realistically and taken seriously. When deciding on an aim you will work tirelessly to see it through to completion. Setbacks or obstacles do not generally deter you from focusing on the desired end result and achieving the things that are important to you.



March 12th Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twelfth day of the month, the one and the two in your birth date add up to a Root number of Three. This special numerical reference to your birthday has the associated keyword 'Innovation' and it probably refers to your fine ability to visualize and verbalize in unison. The Tarot symbol connected to your birthday is the 12th card in the Major Arcana, the Hanged Man. This highlights your power of deep thought and ease of overcoming situations. The lucky gemstone for March the twelfth birthdays is an Amethyst, wear it for an increase in intuitiveness and concentration.



March 12th Horoscope Summation

As a Piscean zodiac sign your basic personality is assumed to be astrologically influenced by the planet Neptune. The actual day you were born on, the twelfth of March is imagined to be cosmically ruled by the celestial body Jupiter adding a second planetary influence responsible for your uniqueness. Your articulation and adaptability are great attributes that help you in many ways throughout life and its wide variety of challenges. Your cheery optimism, charisma and flexibility allow you to get along with almost everyone you meet and form loyal friendships. This acquires you a reputation for being helpful and receptive with a modern outlook. If you can conquer your difficulties managing personal finances then any plans you make should run smoother. A final thought for people born on March the 12th is to avoid ever living in the past, try to live in the present and look forward to the future.

March Birthday Horoscope

Comments: Birthday Horoscope March 12th

B i Ʉ




Big d 2017-11-30 22:16:08
Ya'll crack me up! So cool. Anyone else ever notice an issue of accidently speaking w/sexual innuindos or whatever? I notice myself doing this often its crazy
Adrian 2017-11-09 16:33:06
march 12th 2002, wow this is so cool
Ezzy 2017-03-11 16:18:29
Wow this totally describes me.It is also so scary to see how many ppl share my bday 😨
aanchal verma 2017-03-06 01:19:39
12 March 2000 🙂 🙂 🙂
Dcggr 2017-01-24 08:27:11
12 March 2005....
Very true!
Fin 2016-12-24 02:48:21
True ....march 12 1979.. i can relate wel and almost everything written is true to me
sunil 2016-10-15 21:23:15
All are true sometimes on the occasions I'm reckless and be a unpredictable automatically
Itha 2016-09-18 02:25:22
True, im soo impatient. im bored by typical staff, im a female dj and mechanical engineer. want to explore film making. 12/03/1991
Mathilda 2016-07-13 00:51:37
March 12, 1998. Very accurate!
Melinda 2016-05-10 06:34:57
This is who I am by far whoever did this horoscope was very accurate Keep up the good work
Salman ahmed 2016-04-29 13:49:39
Born 12 march 1987 .this article has helped me a lot in overcoming my weakness .now i run a successful dairy farm .thank you
LOL 2016-08-11 15:28:54
What does this have to do with a dairy farm!!???? lol much less anything with insecurity? xD it shouldn't be telling you anything you don't already know fam.
Jordan Geter 2016-04-05 20:32:53
March 12 1992, this is so accurate that it's scary & reading these comments from people who share this day makes it just unreal. I don't know what it is but I have always known that I had a significant way of explaining things that anyone could understand and even Inspire them. Ironically though I'm having the hardest time inspiring myself, it's insanity because I definitely drive myself crazy with the amount of thoughts I get then tend to overthink them.
P 2017-09-29 09:34:13
I would wrote exactly the same as you here. 🙂
shikha 2016-05-22 15:04:16
i completely identify with you

Atoyebi olumide 2016-03-13 10:59:30
i was born march 12 1992, am too kind and respectful but most people uses that weakness against me cos i cant get angry. happy birthday in arreas to us alll long life and prosperity cheers
heylu 2016-03-06 15:44:55
12th March 1997 😃
Hunter W 2015-12-25 20:26:58
Born march 12 1998, everybody should look into numerology. Go to and do a numerology reading. It will blow your mind and change your perspective of the universe I promise. Hope someone listens to this!!
Elizabeth 2016-10-13 14:50:38
WAO ! Hunter we both share the same day march 12 Completely agree on the numerology reading
zaa Khan 2015-09-30 23:33:33
its exactly me.. me born on 12 march 1995
Ankita 2015-09-29 19:27:01
This described me perfectly. I am a doctor and absolutely imaginative and intuitive. The impatient nature and impulsive expense are
just so me.
angel bueno 2015-09-05 20:38:26
Salutations fellow pisceans! May god bless us all.
KFromthaKy 2015-09-05 10:58:52
March 12, 1989 . Me exactly.
Numan 2016-03-09 12:15:31
Same day...same year too 😉
Lee 2015-08-16 02:31:09
Born on the 12th also...and yeah Pisces are just dope lover says i'm like several different ppl at once. Go figure!
David 2015-07-01 12:33:11
I was born on the 12 of march 1995 and I love ma self
Khanya 2015-06-30 14:36:31
I feel revitalised and reborn. You have defined me and inspired me to keep on shining and believe in myself. It is so amazing how someone you never met knows the inner being in you.

" avoid ever living in the past, try to live in the present and look forward to the future"...Thank you for those words. I find it had so to forgive myself and to let go of the past. You have given me medicine that has healed my soul and cured my broken heart.

Thank you from all that I am.
Shivendra 2015-06-11 08:39:54
Juptier jupiter jupiter...;).. well i was born on thursday 12th march 1987... m a doctor by profession and this is damn accurate... i wish i could mask my feelings n be a little more cautious with my expenditure... anybody who feels the same...???
dmelody 2016-01-17 10:09:03
March 12 1987 birth buddies California native
Lex 2015-08-28 14:39:58
Hey. I was born Mar.12 in 1987 as well. I was born in NY. Where were you born?
shailja singh 2015-08-06 21:41:55
mine is 12 march 1992. I also use to hide my feelings.
Abhishek Chauhan 2015-10-17 17:12:35
Message from shailja singh
mine is 12 march 1992. I also use to hide my feelings.

Sooo true .
Shelbie Jacobs 2015-09-02 23:44:53
I was born March 12th 1992 also! 🙂
Cheryl 2015-05-01 06:06:37
In anger I realize something about myself has to change. I love God. I love the Rosary. I have not met my soul mate yet. I pray for my brothers' life to be good and for relatives and family life to be good including mine.
Ikenna 2015-06-27 20:53:19
Pls would lik 2 meet u cn u pls send mi a txt wit ur number n dis ma own...08131959005

Gabster 2015-03-28 07:26:52
More similarities than differences.
I love being a fish. Wish my health was better.
Frank 2015-03-22 04:55:53
I feel like my life is very complexed with too much depth.
Arielle 2015-03-14 07:47:56
Fez this is like my boyfriend to a T. Crazy wierd. Wish I understood him better I still don't get him most of the time, and I'm a Capricorn. Our anniversary day is the 10th. He's lucky number is 3 ,and mines 7, together it make 10!!! How perfect is that. I love Kenny my little piscean. 😍
eram 2015-03-11 10:28:29
daymmn!!! diz iz close 2 ma lyf 😝
kevin nyakundi 2015-03-10 11:05:36
am Kevin i was born on 12th march i love everyone around me
David Bielski Hmar 2015-03-09 21:11:30
Hi, I'm David Bielski, I'm on 12 March 1995. And if you want to be friend with me you can contact me. Because I hope that we have more same character and, likeness. My email is.

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