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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Curtain, Cliff, Climbing, Clothes, Cloud, Clown, Clam

Dream Dictionary Curtain Dream Dictionary Curtain

A curtain can be one of a few things in a few different situations. A curtain can be referring to a shower curtain like the kind that you draw to make sure that if anyone enters the bathroom they cannot see you showering and you won't get any water on the floor. A curtain can also be referencing the kind of curtain that you might use to cover up a window or something simple like that. And finally you can use a curtain to cover a door. They are all basically the same and have a similar meaning, but there can be subtle differences depending on the situation. What does it mean to dream of a curtain? Well, it's time for you to find out now.

Dream Dictionary Cliff Dream Dictionary Cliff

A cliff is a place that people are afraid of. It is the place on a hill or a mountain where the overlook becomes very steep. On some cliffs it would be a straight drop to the bottom of the hill. Some cliffs happen to be on hills that are so small that the sense of danger is all in the head of the worrying person. However some cliffs are so high up that a person would have to be insane to approach them in the first place. This is why you should not worry if you have a dream about a cliff, because it is just a dream. What to know what this dream means? Keep reading.

Dream Dictionary Climbing Dream Dictionary Climbing

Climbing is something that you do when you are trying to get from one location to another. It is also seen as a form of conquest, which is why people spend so much of their time trying to climb mountains and master that sort of activity. Climbing is also more than just a form of transportation and of conquest though, as it is routinely used in literature to describe any moment in which a character is going upwards from one place to another, such as climbing across a jungle gym. Want to know what it means when you dream of climbing? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Clothes Dream Dictionary Clothes

Clothes are such a basic item of society. Because of the way that people feel about nudity, just about every human that isn't a member of a nudist colony or living far away from society, is basically required to be wearing clothes. People spend a lot of money on clothes and on fashion, but in the end it is just something that we put on at the beginning of the day and take off at the end of the day and it has no bearing on our personality except to help others get a quick glimpse into what our styles might look like individually. Interested in what it means when you dream of clothes? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Cloud Dream Dictionary Cloud

A cloud can have many different types and kinds. There are white and fluffy clouds. There are also wispy white clouds. Then there are wispy gray clouds and bouncy gay clouds. When the night sky is very angry there are black clouds. With the cloud they carry rain and they also bring thunder and angry sounds. There are many reasons to love the clouds and many reasons to be afraid of them at the same time. What you choose to feel and how you choose to appreciate the clouds are all up to you, but you'll need to know what it means when you dream of a cloud too if you hope to really understand how your mind works.

Dream Dictionary Clown Dream Dictionary Clown

A clown is basically just a man or a woman that puts on excessive amounts of makeup in a funny fashion such as in the shape of a cartoonish smile or something like that, and then they go on and try to entertain children with their act. They are part actor and part performer and part comedian all lumped into a package that is meant for consumption by children specifically because they are pretty nice and funny. This is what clowns are meant to do is entertain, but sometimes it has the opposite effect. Keep reading to find out what t means when you dream of a clown.

Dream Dictionary Clam Dream Dictionary Clam

A clam is a sea creature that can also be found in other areas in some cases. It is basically a little ball of lumpy white flesh that attaches itself into a shell when it is born, and the shell develops around it as it grows. The ball of flesh really doesn't have many discernable features that you'd be able to pick out like any other creature would, but they are known for helping in the forming of pearls and because they are collected for food and make a really good pizza topping. What does it mean when you dream of a clam or when you dream that you are a clam? Keep reading for the answer.

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