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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Crumbling Teeth, Crab, Crane, Criminal, Cricket, Credit Card, Cutting Hair

Dream Dictionary Crumbling Teeth Dream Dictionary Crumbling Teeth

People take their teeth for granted quite often. In fact people rarely care for them in the now, and then they wait until they start getting uncontrollable pains to finally do something about it and by that point it may be too late. They end up going to their dentists in the end and hoping that they can fix their crumbling teeth. Well, you can't just let that happen to you or else you'll be put in a pretty bad position. Crumbling teeth are not something that anyone wants to have, and thus it can be pretty traumatic when a person dreams that they have crumbling teeth, leading them to want to know what that means. If you were dreaming that your teeth were falling right out of your skull, find out what that means here.

Dream Dictionary Crab Dream Dictionary Crab

A crab is a creature that you don't see all that often because of the environment that it lives in. If they weren't so delicious to us and weren't collected as a food source all the time, we might never see them. Basically a crab is a crustacean creature with a soft red shell covering all of its innards. They walk strangely on all of their legs and in some cases they burrow into the sand to stay hidden even though that doesn't work all that well of them sometimes when they are being collected for food. Crabs can be dangerous too because of their sharp pincers and their strong muscles, but they are not as dangerous as lobster. What to know what it means when you dream of a crab? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Crane Dream Dictionary Crane

The crane is a beautiful bird which likes to spend its time circling the skies and looking for fish to eat. It is known for having very long legs and a very very long neck. This is what makes the bird so famous. Sometimes it looks so large that people wonder how it is even possible for it to fly. It looks fairly awkward. It is also known for being able to prey very well on small fish because of its very long beak which can stretch to very long lengths above the water. And on top of that, because if its slender frame, it is an amazing diver, perfect for seeping down, catching a fish, and flying off. What does it mean when you dream of a crane? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Criminal Dream Dictionary Criminal

A criminal, as defined by society is any person that commits a crime and a crime is an act which is against the law. As strange as it may be, if you commit a theft then it means that you are doing something which is against the law. It is a crime by the standards of society and it is a crime by definition in all other norms. However if you do something like stealing a pencil, while it is technically a crime, most people would say that it doesn't necessarily make you a criminal since they are of so little monetary value. What does it mean when you dream of a criminal or dream that you are a criminal? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Cricket Dream Dictionary Cricket

A cricket is a small little creature that is mostly black. Even though in the cartoonish depictions of them spread throughout the world they seem to be colored green, it is more natural for them to be a black color, at least in America. They generally prefer to start showing themselves in the summer and on a hot summer night is the perfect time for you to stand by a window and hear their mating call in which they do something called chirping which really sounds more like a door creaking in practice than anything else. What does it mean when you dream of a cricket? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Credit Card Dream Dictionary Credit Card

Credit cards have pretty much taken over for cash when it comes to the American economy. Even though we wouldn't like to admit it, it seems like the only times that cash transactions are accepted is for small appliances at stores. If you're going to pay for anything that takes installments or anything big, then you're going to have to pay either by check, or by giving a credit card number, this is sadly just how life works these days. What does it mean when you dream of a credit card? Just keep reading to find out.

Dream Dictionary Cutting Hair Dream Dictionary Cutting Hair

Cutting hair is something that most men have to do about every three months and that most women who want to maintain the same length of hair all the time have to do about every 2 months. It is something that can be done by an amateur but it also looks a lot easier than it actually is, and if you do get it done by an amateur it may end up making you look just a little foolish which is never a good thing. To have dreams in which you are cutting hair or in which you are having your hair cut have very different meanings though, and here we will discuss both.

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