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I happened upon Astrology in the mid-nineties. Linda Goodmans Star Signs was my first introduction to the subject. I was astounded with all I learned about myself and my loved ones. Who knew such information was even possible. Unknowingly I had begun a lifelong relationship with a deeply complex subject. As life unfolded I studied. Always Astrology offers wise guidance; always there was an answer for whatever question I had.

It has been year after year of amazing discovery. I was hooked on useful solid otherworldly advice. Learning to identify past life influences through the birth chart has been endlessly life enhancing. Seeing my own self sabotaging tendencies helped me counteract my own weakness. Without Astrology my life would be less amazing- And Life should be amazing!

I have had the opportunity to teach, write and even host a radio show about a subject I find endlessly helpful. It is my intention to make Astrology useful in everyday life; to share what I know to help others grow and evolve.
For more information or to have your own chart read contact me at :     hilloryskott (@)