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    Wise Sayings


    Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.

    Source: Italian
    Between the hand and the lip the morsel may slip.

    Source: Portuguese
    Between the hand and the lip the soup may be spilt.

    Source: German
    Between the hand and the mouth the soup is spilt.

    Source: Italian
    Between two cowards, he has the advantage who first detects the other.

    Source: Italian
    Between two friends a notary and two witnesses.

    Source: Spanish
    Between two sharpers, the sharpest.

    Source: Spanish
    Between two stools one falls to the ground.

    Source: Spanish
    Between wording and working is a long road.

    Source: German
    Between wrangling and disputing truth is lost.

    Source: German
    Betwixt two stools the doup fas down.

    Source: German
    Beware a rickety wall, a savage dog and a quarrelsome person.
    Category: Caution and care Source: Iranian
    Beware of "Had I but known."

    Source: Italian
    Beware of a door that has many keys.

    Source: Portuguese
    Beware of a man of one book.

    Source: English Proverb
    Beware of a man that does not talk, and of a dog that does not bark.

    Source: Portuguese
    Beware of a man's shadow and a bee's sting.
    Category: Wisdom Source: Burmese Proverb
    Beware of a pledge that eats.

    Source: Portuguese
    Beware of a poor alchemist.

    Source: Italian
    Beware of a reconciled enemy.

    Source: French
    Beware of a reconciled friend as of the devil.

    Source: Spanish
    Beware of a silent dog and still water.

    Source: Latin
    Beware of a white Spaniard and a black Englishman.

    Source: Dutch
    Beware of an oak, it draws the stroke; avoid an ash, it counts the flash; creep under the thorn, it can save you from harm.

    Source: Dutch
    Beware of laughing hosts and weeping priests.

    Source: German
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