Wise Sayings: Letter B

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  • Pride
  • Opportunity
  • Beauty
  • Wisdom
  • Luck
  • Friendship
  • Self-reliance
  • Revolution
  • Conscience
  • Attitude
  • Children
  • Truth
  • The conduct of life
  • Journeys
  • Permanence and change

  • Unknown
  • Ben Franklin
  • Jonathan Swift
  • Sir Leslie Stephen
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Miguel de Cervantes
  • Aesop
  • R Forby
  • Desiderius Erasmus
  • Sir Thomas More
  • J Bridges
  • James Ray
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • William Hone
  • John Heywood

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    Wise Sayings


    Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion.
    Category: Caution and care Source: Egyptian
    Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion.
    Category: Animals Source: Egyptian
    Bed is the poor man's opera.
    Category: Philosophical Source: Egyptian
    Bees do not become hornets.

    Source: French
    Bees that have honey in their mouths have stings in their tails.

    Source: French
    Bees touch no fading flowers.

    Source: French
    Before a man learns to hang he is half dead.

    Source: Danish
    Before healing others, heal yourself.-
    Category: Health Source: Gambian
    Before shooting, one must aim.
    Source: African proverb
    Before the time, great courage; when at the point, great fear.

    Source: Spanish
    Before you beat a dog, find out who its master is.
    Category: Animals Source: Chinese
    Before you can score you must first have a goal.

    Source: Greek
    Before you make a friend eat a peck of salt with him.

    Source: Dutch
    Before you marry consider what you do.

    Source: Portuguese
    Before you marry keep both eyes open; after marriage keep one eye shut.
    Category: Marriage Source: Jamaican
    Before you marry reflect, for it is a knot you cannot untie.

    Source: Portuguese
    Before you marry, beware, for it is a knot difficult to untie.

    Source: Spanish
    Before you marry, have a house to live in, fields to till, and vines to cut.

    Source: Spanish
    Before you mount, look to the girth.

    Source: Dutch
    Beggars breed and rich men feed.

    Source: Dutch
    Beggars can never be bankrupts.

    Source: Dutch
    Beggars can't be choosers.
    Category: Life and living Author: John Heywood
    Beggars can\'t be choosers.

    Source: Dutch
    Beggars fear no rebellion.

    Source: Dutch
    Beggars mounted ride their horses to death.

    Source: Dutch
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