Wise Sayings: Letter E

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  • The conduct of life
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  • Permanence and change

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    Wise Sayings


    Every one preaches for his own saint.

    Source: French
    Every one rakes the fire under his own pot.

    Source: Danish
    Every one reaps as he sows.

    Source: Portuguese
    Every one says: My right is good.

    Source: French
    Every one sees his smart coat, no one sees his shrunken belly.

    Source: Danish
    Every one should sweep before his own door.

    Source: French
    Every one sings as he has the gift, and marries as he has the luck.

    Source: Portuguese
    Every one sneezes as God pleases.

    Source: Spanish
    Every one speaks as he is.

    Source: Portuguese
    Every one speaks of the fair as he himself finds it.

    Source: Spanish
    Every one speaks of the feast as he finds it.

    Source: Portuguese
    Every one takes his flogging in his own way.

    Source: French
    Every one thinks he has more than his share of brains.

    Source: Italian
    Every one thinks himself without sin because he has not those of others.

    Source: Italian
    Every one thinks his own a falcon.

    Source: German
    Every one thinks his own cross heaviest.

    Source: Italian
    Every one thinks that all the bells echo his own thoughts.

    Source: German
    Every one to his equal.

    Source: Portuguese
    Every one to his liking.

    Source: Portuguese
    Every one to his own calling, and the ox to the plough.

    Source: Italian
    Every one tries to cross the fence where it is lowest.

    Source: Danish
    Every one wishes to bring water to his own mill, and leave his neighbour's dry.

    Source: Spanish
    Every path has its puddle.

    Source: English Proverb
    Every patient is a doctor after his cure.

    Source: Irish
    Every peasant is proud of the pond in his village because from it he measures the sea.

    Source: Russian
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