Wise Sayings: Letter F

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  • Truth
  • The conduct of life
  • Journeys
  • Permanence and change

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    Wise Sayings


    For a stubborn ass a hard goad.

    Source: French
    For a voracious beast pebbles in his feed.

    Source: Portuguese
    For a wife and a horse go to your neighbour.

    Source: Italian
    For age and want save while you may, no morning sun lasts a whole day.
    Source: American Proverb
    For all one\'s early rising, it dawns none the sooner.

    Source: Spanish
    For an honest man half his wits are enough; the whole is too little for a knave.

    Source: Italian
    For better for worse they have married me.

    Source: Spanish
    For every wise man there is one still wiser.

    Source: Kurdish
    For evil tongues, scissors.

    Source: Spanish
    For extreme ills extreme remedies.

    Source: Italian
    For God and our country.

    Source: Latin
    For great evils strong remedies.

    Source: Dutch
    For him who does not believe in signs, there is no way to live in the world.

    Source: Russian
    For ill do well, Then fear not hell.

    Source: Russian
    For lack of men they made my father a justice.

    Source: Portuguese
    For love of the ox the wolf licks the yoke.

    Source: Catalan
    For love the wolf eats the sheep.

    Source: German
    For news of the heart, ask the face.
    Category: Life and living Source: Guinean
    For one pleasure a thousand pains.

    Source: French
    For our altars and our hearths.

    Source: Latin
    For overbuying there's no help but selling again.

    Source: French
    For poor people small coin.

    Source: Portuguese
    For sake of the knight the lady kisses the squire.

    Source: French
    For the buyer a hundred eyes are too few, for the seller one is enough.

    Source: Italian
    For the diligent, a week has seven days; for the slothful, seven tomorrows.

    Source: German
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