Wise Sayings: Letter H

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    Wise Sayings


    He conquers who conquers himself.

    Source: Latin
    He counts his chickens before they are hatched.

    Source: Dutch
    He covers me with his wings, and bites me with his bill.

    Source: Dutch
    He cries out before he is hurt.

    Source: Italian
    He cries wine, and sells vinegar.

    Source: Italian
    He declares himself guilty who justifies himself before accusation.

    Source: English Proverb
    He devil is not so ugly as he is painted.

    Source: Italian
    He devil tempts all, but the idle man tempts the devil.

    Source: Italian
    He did not invent gunpowder.

    Source: Spanish
    He dies before he is old who is wise before his day.

    Source: Latin
    He dies twice who perishes by his own hand.

    Source: Latin
    He does a good day's work who rids himself of a fool.

    Source: French
    He does not a little who burns his house: he frightens the rats, and warms himself.

    Source: Spanish
    He does not guard himself well who is not always on his guard.

    Source: French
    He does not live in this world that can skin a grindstone.

    Source: Danish
    He does not show a decent quality even over a good dinner.

    Source: Latin
    He does not sing his father's songs. [He does not imitate the good example of his father.]

    Source: Latin
    He does not think milk-and-water of himself.

    Source: Latin
    He does not think small beer of himself.

    Source: Latin
    He doubts nothing who knows nothing.

    Source: Portuguese
    He drives a good waggonful into his farm who gets a good wife.

    Source: Danish
    He drives out one devil by another.

    Source: Latin
    He earns a farthing and has a penn'orth of thirst.

    Source: Dutch
    He either wheedles by suasive means or terrifies by threats.

    Source: Latin
    He even begrudges the water with which he washes.

    Source: Latin
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