Wise Sayings: Letter H

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    Wise Sayings


    He expects that larks will fall ready roasted into his mouth.

    Source: French
    He expects to find water at the first stroke of the spade.

    Source: Spanish
    He falls into the pit which he himself made.

    Source: Latin
    He falls into the pit who leads another into it.

    Source: Spanish
    He falls on his back and breaks his nose.

    Source: French
    He falls short of his duty to both who tries to serve two masters.

    Source: Latin
    He falsifies who renders a verse just as it looks.

    Source: Yiddish
    He fasted for a whole year and then broke his fast with an onion.
    Category: Food Source: Arabic Proverb
    He fears neither the earthquake nor the fury of the waves.

    Source: Latin
    He fears the sack who has been in it.

    Source: Danish
    He fears the very flies.

    Source: Latin
    He feigns death like a panther.

    Source: Latin
    He fell to-day, I may fall to-morrow.

    Source: Latin
    He fell with his nose in the butter.

    Source: Dutch
    He fishes in troubled waters. [If you wish to catch gudgeons stir up the mud.]

    Source: Latin
    He fishes on who catches one.

    Source: French
    He fishes well who uses a golden hook.

    Source: Latin
    He flays enough who holds the foot.

    Source: French
    He flourishes by hereditary renown.

    Source: Latin
    He forgets himself.

    Source: Latin
    He forgot nothing except to say farewell.

    Source: French
    He gains enough who loses sorrow.

    Source: French
    He gains much who loses a vain hope.

    Source: Italian
    He gapes like a clown at a fair.

    Source: Dutch
    He gathers up ashes and scatters flour.

    Source: Spanish
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