Wise Sayings: Letter I

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    Wise Sayings


    In a court of fowls, the cockroach never wins his case.

    Source: Rwandan
    In a crisis, give help first and then advice.
    Author: Aesop
    In a fiddler's house, all are dancers.

    Source: Rwandan
    In a flat country a hillock thinks itself a mountain.

    Source: Kurdish
    In a golden sheath a leaden knife.

    Source: Italian
    In a quarrel, leave room for reconciliation.

    Source: Russian
    In a restaurant choose a table near a waiter.

    Source: Jewish
    In a smith's house the knife is wooden.

    Source: Spanish
    In a very old tree, you may be certain that the sapwood is on the outside, while the heartwood is in the middle.

    Source: Maaori
    In a wood don't walk behind another.

    Source: Spanish
    In an ant colony dew is a flood.

    Source: Afghan
    In avoiding Charybdis, he falls into Scylla.

    Source: Latin
    In avoiding that which is evil I have found that which is good.

    Source: Latin
    In bad luck, hold out; in good luck, hold in.
    Category: Luck Source: German
    In bad things be slow; in good things be fast.
    Category: Time and timeliness Source: Afghan
    In Blindman's land your one-eyed man's a god.

    Source: German
    In borrowing an angel, in repaying a devil.

    Source: French
    In calm water every ship has a good captain.

    Source: French
    In case of doubt it is best to lean to the side of mercy.

    Source: Legal
    In chatter a river, in understanding but a single drop.

    Source: Latin
    In courtship a man pursues a woman until she catches him.

    Source: Latin
    In default of bread, meal cakes are good.

    Source: Portuguese
    In every family's cooking pot is one black spot.

    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    In every pomegranate a decayed pip is to be found.

    Source: Latin
    In every woman there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer.

    Source: Norwegian
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