Wise Sayings: Letter I

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    Wise Sayings


    In the snare laid for others is your foot taken.

    Source: Latin
    In the tail lies the venom.

    Source: French
    In the very act of committing an offence. [Taken red handed.]

    Source: Latin
    In the war of love who flies conquers.

    Source: Italian
    In time of prosperity consider how you will bear adversity.

    Source: Latin
    In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty, In time of adversity, not one amongst twenty.

    Source: Latin
    In time of sickness man is ever on his best behaviour.

    Source: Latin
    In time of war the devil makes more room in hell.

    Source: German
    In time we hate that which we often fear.
    Author: Seneca
    In times of peace we should think of war.

    Source: Latin
    In times of prosperity friends will be plenty, In times of adversity, not one in twenty.

    Source: English Proverb
    In too much disputing truth is lost.

    Source: French
    In vain does a man possess property if he makes no use of it.

    Source: Latin
    In vain the net is spread in the sight of the bird.

    Source: Latin
    In war it is best to tie your horse to a strange manger.

    Source: Danish
    In war time there is pay for every horse.

    Source: Italian
    In war, hunting, and love, for one pleasure a hundred pains.

    Source: Portuguese
    In wine there is truth.

    Source: Roman
    In youth, one has tears without grief; in age, grief without tears.

    Source: French
    Incense intoxicates and every one wishes for it.

    Source: French
    Indecision is the key to flexibility.

    Source: French
    Indulge not in boisterous mirth.

    Source: Latin
    Industry is the parent of fortune.

    Source: German
    Industry pays debts, despair encreases them.
    Author: Ben Franklin
    Industry, perseverance & frugality make fortune yield.
    Author: Ben Franklin
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