Wise Sayings: Letter M

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    Wise Sayings


    Might and courage require wit in their suite.

    Source: Danish
    Might have gone further and have fared worse.

    Source: Danish
    Might is not right.

    Source: Dutch
    Might is right.

    Source: Dutch
    Might knows no right.

    Source: French
    Might overcomes right.

    Source: French
    Miguel, Miguel, you have no bees, and yet sell honey.

    Source: Spanish
    Mildness governs more than anger.

    Source: Spanish
    Milk the cow that standeth still.

    Source: Spanish
    Milk the cow, but don't pull off the udder.

    Source: Dutch
    Millers and bakers do not steal, people bring to them.

    Source: German
    Millers, tailors, and weavers are not hanged, or the trade would soon be extinct.

    Source: German
    Mind over matter.

    Source: German
    Mind your own business.

    Source: German
    Mind your p's and q's.
    Source: English Proverb
    Mirth must be indulged in to prepare the mind for more serious matters.

    Source: Latin
    Mischief comes soon enough.

    Source: Danish
    Misfortune comes on horseback and goes away on foot.

    Source: French
    Misfortune is not that which can be avoided, but that which cannot.

    Source: Chinese
    Misfortune seldom comes alone to the house.

    Source: Danish
    Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends.
    Category: Friendship Author: Aesop
    Misfortune upon misfortune is not wholesome.

    Source: French
    Misfortune, wood, and hair, grow throughout the year.

    Source: German
    Misfortunes are, in morals, what bitters are in medicine: each is at first disagreeable; but as the bitters act as corroborants to the stomach, so adversity chastens and ameliorates the disposition.

    Source: French
    Misfortunes make friends.

    Source: Latin
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