Wise Sayings: Letter M

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  • The conduct of life
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  • Permanence and change

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    Wise Sayings


    Many kiss the child for the nurse's sake.

    Source: Danish
    Many kiss the hand they would gladly see cut off.

    Source: Portuguese
    Many little makes a mickle.

    Source: Portuguese
    Many little rivulets make a great river.

    Source: Danish
    Many look with one eye at what they give, but with seven at what they receive.

    Source: German
    Many love to praise right and do wrong.

    Source: Danish
    Many meet the gods but few salute them.
    Category: Courtesy and respect Source: Latin
    Many men know how to flatter, few men know how to praise.

    Source: Greek
    Many men, many minds.

    Source: Greek
    Many open a door to shut a window.

    Source: Dutch
    Many promises impair confidence.

    Source: Latin
    Many return from the war who cannot give an account of the battle.

    Source: Italian
    Many scruple to spit in church, and afterwards defile the altar.

    Source: Italian
    Many see more with one eye that others with two.

    Source: German
    Many seek good nights and lose good days.

    Source: Dutch
    Many shun the brook, and fall into the river.

    Source: German
    Many shun the sword, and come to the gallows.

    Source: German
    Many small make a great.

    Source: German
    Many speak much who cannot speak well.
    Source: American Proverb
    Many stars cannot be concealed by a small cloud.

    Source: Maaori
    Many stop their noses at ambergris.

    Source: Italian
    Many take by the bushel, and give with the spoon.

    Source: German
    Many things are lost for want of asking.

    Source: English Proverb
    Many trades, begging the best.

    Source: German
    Many who build castles in the air cannot build a hut on earth.

    Source: German
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