Wise Sayings: Letter O

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    Wise Sayings


    Old as is the boat it may cross the ferry once.

    Source: Spanish
    Old birds are hard to pluck.

    Source: German
    Old birds are not caught with cats.

    Source: Dutch
    Old birds are not caught with chaff.

    Source: Danish
    Old birds are not caught with new nets.

    Source: Italian
    Old churches have dark windows.

    Source: German
    Old crows are hard to catch.

    Source: German
    Old foxes are hard to catch.

    Source: Dutch
    Old foxes want no tutors.

    Source: Latin
    Old friends and new reckonings.

    Source: French
    Old friends and old ways ought not to be disdained.

    Source: Danish
    Old friends and old wine are best.

    Source: Danish
    Old habits die hard.

    Source: Danish
    Old love and old brands kindle at all seasons.

    Source: French
    Old love does not rust.

    Source: German
    Old men are twice children.

    Source: Greek
    Old men's children are rarely of good constitution.

    Source: Latin
    Old oxen have stiff horns.

    Source: Danish
    Old oxen tread hard.

    Source: German
    Old people see best in the distance.

    Source: German
    Old pigs have hard snouts.

    Source: German
    Old pottage is sooner heated than new made.

    Source: German
    Old reckonings, new disputes.

    Source: Italian
    Old signs do not deceive.

    Source: Danish
    Old sins cast long shadows.

    Source: Danish
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