Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    When gold speaks every tongue is silent.

    Source: Italian
    When good cheer is lacking, our friends will be packing.

    Source: Italian
    When goods increase the body decreases.

    Source: French
    When Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war.

    Source: French
    When had comes, have is too late.

    Source: Dutch
    When he was born, Solomon passed by his door, and could not go in.

    Source: Spanish
    When his head is broken he puts on his helmet.

    Source: Italian
    When house and land are gone and spent, then learning is most excellent.

    Source: Italian
    When hunger is appeased we can preach the merits of fasting.

    Source: Latin
    When I did well, I heard it never; when I did ill, I heard it ever.

    Source: Latin
    When I eat your bread, I sing your song.
    Category: Friendship Source: German
    When I have money in my purse, I have food in my mouth.

    Source: Danish
    When I was born I wept, and every day brings a reason why.

    Source: Spanish
    When I'm dead, everybody's dead, and the pig too.

    Source: Italian
    When ill-luck falls asleep let nobody wake her.

    Source: Italian
    When ill-luck sleeps, let no one wake her.

    Source: Spanish
    When in doubt, do nothing.
    Author: George John Whyte-Melville
    When in good health we easily give good advice to the sick.

    Source: Latin
    When in Rome do as the Romans do.
    Author: Unknown
    When it blows, the trees shake.

    Source: German
    When it is God's will to plague a man, a mouse can bite him to death.

    Source: Dutch
    When it pours upon the parson, it drops upon the clerk.

    Source: Danish
    When it rains in August, it rains honey and wine.

    Source: Spanish
    When it rains in February, it will be temperate all the year.

    Source: Spanish
    When it rains porridge the beggar has no spoon.

    Source: Danish
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