Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    When silent men speak they speak to the purpose.

    Source: German
    When sorrow is asleep wake it not.

    Source: German
    When spherical bodies can unite and embrace, then there will be friendship amongst the avaricious.

    Source: Latin
    When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.

    Source: Ethiopian
    When strict with oneself, one rarely fails.
    Author: Confucious
    When surrounded by chaos, find peace within.
    Author: Unknown
    When the angels present themselves, the devils abscond.

    Category: God Source: Egyptian
    When the apple is ripe it will fall.
    Source: Irish Proverb
    When the ass is too happy he begins dancing on the ice.

    Source: Dutch
    When the battle is over you make your appearance.

    Source: Latin
    When the bee comes to your house, let her have beer; you may want to visit the bee's house some day.

    Source: Congolese
    When the bee sucks, it makes honey, when the spider, poison.

    Source: Spanish
    When the beer goes in the wits go out.

    Source: Danish
    When the belly is full the mind is amongst the maids.

    Source: Danish
    When the blind man carries the banner, woe to those who follow.

    Source: French
    When the cage is ready the bird is flown.

    Source: French
    When the calf is drowned they cover the well.

    Source: Dutch
    When the calf is stolen, the peasant mends the stall.

    Source: German
    When the cat and mouse agree, the grocer is ruined.

    Source: Persian
    When the cat is gone, the mice come out to stretch.

    Category: Animals Source: Chinese
    When the cat sleeps, the mice play.

    Source: Dutch
    When the cat's away the mice dance.

    Source: Italian
    When the cat's stomach is full, the rat's back is bitter.

    Source: Haitian
    When the cat\'s away the rats dance.

    Source: Italian
    When the cat\'s away the rats will play.

    Source: Spanish
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