Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    When the cat\'s away, it is jubilee with the mice.

    Source: Dutch
    When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

    Source: Haitian
    When the child cuts its teeth, death is on the watch.

    Source: Spanish
    When the child is christened you will have godfathers enough.

    Source: French
    When the cock is drunk, he forgets about the hawk.

    Source: Ghanaian
    When the cook and the steward fall out we hear who stole the butter.

    Source: Dutch
    When the cook is roasting for the butler, woe to the master's wine-cask.

    Source: Danish
    When the cord is tightest it is nearest snapping.

    Source: Danish
    When the corsair promises masses and candles, it goes ill with the galley.

    Source: Spanish
    When the crane attempts to dance with the house she gets broken bones.

    Source: Danish
    When the cup is full, carry it even.

    Source: Scottish
    When the devil gets into the church he seats himself on the altar.

    Source: Dutch
    When the devil grows old he turns himself hermit.

    Source: French
    When the devil is old he turns hermit.

    Source: Italian
    When the devil says his paternosters he means to cheat you.

    Source: French
    When the devil says his prayers he wants to cheat you.

    Source: Spanish
    When the Devil was sick the Devil a monk would be, When the Devil got well, the devil a monk was he.

    Source: Spanish
    When the dog is awake, the shepherd may sleep.

    Source: German
    When the dog is down, every one is ready to bite him.

    Source: Dutch
    When the dog is drowning every one brings him water.

    Source: French
    When the door is low one must stoop.

    Source: French
    When the fields yield not, the saints have not.

    Source: Spanish
    When the flatterer pipes, the devil dances.

    Source: Spanish
    When the fool has made up his mind the market is over.

    Source: Spanish
    When the fox cannot reach the grapes he says they are not ripe.

    Source: Greek
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