Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    When the fox licks his paw let the farmer look after his geese.

    Source: Danish
    When the fox preaches to the goose her neck is in danger.

    Source: Danish
    When the fox preaches, look to the geese.
    Source: German
    When the fox preaches, take care of yourselves, hens.

    Source: Italian
    When the fox wants to catch geese, he wags his tail.

    Source: German
    When the Frenchman sleeps the devil rocks him.

    Source: French
    When the friar's beaten, then comes James.

    Source: French
    When the furze is in bloom, my love's in tune.

    Source: French
    When the game is most thriving it is time to leave off.

    Source: Danish
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    Source: Danish
    When the goose trusts the fox then woe to her neck.

    Source: Danish
    When the gorse is out of bloom, kissing's out of fashion.

    Source: Danish
    When the guest is in most favour, he will do well to quit.
    Source: German
    When the hand ceases to scatter, the heart ceases to pray.

    Source: Irish
    When the hand is clean, It needs no screen.

    Source: Irish
    When the head aches all the limbs ache.

    Source: Danish
    When the head aches, all the members suffer with it.

    Source: Latin
    When the head acheth, all the body is the worse.

    Source: Latin
    When the head is sick the whole body is sick.

    Source: Dutch
    When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.
    Category: Health and wellness Source: Chinese
    When the heart is full, the tongue will speak.
    Category: Eloquence Source: Scottish
    When the helm is gone the ship will soon be wrecked.

    Source: Danish
    When the hen had laid an egg she cackles.
    Source: German
    When the horse dies, dismount.
    Source: German
    When the host smiles most blandly he has an eye to the guest's purse.

    Source: Danish
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