Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    When the husband earns well the wife spins well.

    Source: Dutch
    When the hyena drinks, the dog can only look on.

    Source: Hausa
    When the iron is hot, then is the time to strike.

    Source: Spanish
    When the jest is at its best, 'twill be well to let it rest.

    Source: German
    When the journey is finished to lay up provisions for the journey. [Avaricious old age.]

    Source: Latin
    When the light is crooked, the shadow is crooked.

    Source: Yiddish
    When the lion is dead the hares jump upon his carcase.

    Source: Italian
    When the lion's skin falls short, piece it out with that of the fox.

    Source: Italian
    When the lords come out of the council-house, they are wiser than when they went in.

    Source: German
    When the manger is empty the horses fight.

    Source: Danish
    When the mantis hunts the locust, he forgets the shrike that's hunting him.

    Category: Animals Source: Chinese
    When the measure is full, it runs over.

    Source: German
    When the mice laugh at the cat, there is a hole nearby.

    Source: Nigerian
    When the millers are making an uproar, do you tie up your sacks.

    Source: Italian
    When the moon is full, it begins to wane.
    Category: Permanence and change Source: Japanese
    When the mouse has had enough the meal is bitter.

    Source: Danish
    When the mouse has had its fill, the meal turns bitter.

    Source: Dutch
    When the mouse laughs at the cat there is a hole nearby.

    Source: Nigerian
    When the music changes, so does the dance.
    Category: Appropriateness Source: African
    When the next house is on fire, 'tis high time to look to your own.

    Source: Nigerian
    When the pig has had a bellyful it upsets the trough.

    Source: Dutch
    When the pirate prays, there is great danger.

    Source: Dutch
    When the pot boils over it cooleth itself.

    Source: Dutch
    When the prior plays cards, what will the monks do?

    Source: Spanish
    When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come.
    Category: Education Source: Chinese Proverb
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