Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    When wine sinks, words swim.

    Source: Italian
    When wisdom fails, luck helps.

    Source: Danish
    When wise men play mad pranks they do it with a vengeance.

    Source: Italian
    When woman reigns the devil governs.

    Source: Italian
    When you are well off keep as you are.

    Source: French
    When you bargain with a fox, beware of tricks.

    Source: Latin
    When you can avoid it, never seek strife.

    Source: Latin
    When you can do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.
    Author: George Washington Carver
    When you die, make others cry because you left something behind not because they lost something.
    Author: Unknown
    When you drink water, remember the mountain spring.
    Category: Gratitude Source: Chinese
    When you fall into a pit, you either die or get out.
    Category: Adversity Source: Chinese
    When you go to a donkey's house, don't talk about ears.
    Category: Courtesy and respect Source: Jamaican
    When you go to buy, use your eyes, not your ears.

    Source: Czech
    When you go to dance, take heed whom you take by the hand.

    Source: Danish
    When you have no choice, mobilize the spirit of courage.

    Source: Jewish
    When you have only two coins left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a rose with the other.

    Source: Chinese
    When you meet a man, you judge him by his clothes; when you leave, you judge him by his heart.

    Source: Russian
    When you say one thing, the clever person understands three.

    Source: Chinese
    When you say one thing, the clever person understands three.
    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    When you see a palm tree, the palm tree has seen you.

    Source: African Wolof
    When you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.

    Source: African Wolof
    When you see clouds gathering, prepare to catch rainwater.
    Source: African
    When you see the wolf, do not look for his track.

    Source: Italian
    When you sweep the stairs, you start at the top.

    Source: German
    When you taste honey, remember gall.
    Author: Ben Franklin
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