Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    Where honour grows a span, folly grows an ell.

    Source: German
    Where I make my living, there is my home.

    Source: Somalian
    Where is there a tree not shaken by the wind.
    Category: Truth Source: Armenian
    Where law lacks, honour should eke it out.

    Source: Danish
    Where love is there the eye is.

    Source: Italian
    Where might is master, justice is servant.
    Source: German
    Where might is right, right is not might.

    Source: German
    Where misfortune befals injuries follow.

    Source: French
    Where money and counsel are wanting, it is best not to make war.

    Source: Danish
    Where money, there friends.

    Source: German
    Where old age is evil, youth can learn no good.

    Source: English Proverb
    Where poverty comes in at the door, loves flies out at the window.

    Source: Dutch
    Where remedies are needed, sighing avails not.

    Source: Italian
    Where shall a man have a worse friend than he brings from home.

    Source: Italian
    Where shall the ox go but he must labour, since he knows how?

    Source: Portuguese
    Where shall the ox go, and not have to plough?

    Source: Portuguese
    Where something is thin, that's where it tears.

    Source: Russian
    Where the best wine grows, the worst is drunk.

    Source: German
    Where the bird was hatched it haunts.

    Source: Dutch
    Where the carcase is, there will the vultures be.

    Source: Latin
    Where the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together.

    Source: Latin
    Where the carrion is, there the eagles gather.

    Source: Danish
    Where the cock is the hen does not crow.

    Source: Portuguese
    Where the devil can't go himself, he sends an old woman.

    Source: German
    Where the devil cannot put his head he puts his tail.

    Source: Italian
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