Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    While the great bells are ringing no one hears the little ones.

    Source: Danish
    While the mouse in the walls may look from afar at a cat, he does well not to go squeaking about it.

    Category: Animals Source: Darkovan
    While the pot boils, friendship blooms.

    Source: German
    While there is life there is hope.

    Source: Latin
    While there's life there's hope.

    Source: Italian
    While two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it.

    Source: Italian
    While we consider when to begin, it becomes too late.

    Source: Japanese
    While we discuss matters, the opportunity passes by.

    Source: Latin
    While we draw we are drawn. [Mutual attraction.]

    Source: Latin
    While we would catch we are caught.

    Source: Latin
    Whilst standing he holds one opinion, whilst sitting another.

    Source: Latin
    Whilst the dogs are growling at each other the wolf devours the sheep.

    Source: French
    White meal is not got out of a coal-sack.

    Source: French
    Who accepts from another sells his freedom.

    Source: German
    Who accepts nothing has nothing to return.

    Source: German
    Who accepts, sells himself.

    Source: Italian
    Who aims at things beyond his reach, the greater will be his fall.

    Source: Latin
    Who answers for another pays.

    Source: French
    Who are a little wise, the best fools be.
    Author: John Donne
    Who are ready to believe, are easy to deceive.

    Source: German
    Who avoids small sins, does not fall into great ones.

    Source: German
    Who begins amiss ends amiss.

    Source: German
    Who begins too much, accomplishes little.

    Source: German
    Who blackens others, does not whiten himself.

    Source: German
    Who blows his nose too hard makes it bleed.

    Source: French
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