Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    Who does not go with you, go with him.
    Source: Arabic Proverb
    Who does not punish evil, invites it.

    Source: German
    Who does not venture gets neither horse nor mule, and who ventures too much lose horse and mule.

    Source: French
    Who does not wish to be like the wolf let him not wear its skin.

    Source: Italian
    Who does too much, often does little.

    Source: Italian
    Who don't keep faith with God won't keep it with man.

    Source: Dutch
    Who doubts errs not.

    Source: French
    Who draws his sword against his prince must throw away his scabbard.

    Source: French
    Who eats capon, capon comes to him.

    Source: French
    Who eats his fowl alone, must saddle his horse alone.

    Source: Portuguese
    Who errs in the tens errs in the thousands.

    Source: Italian
    Who excuses himself accuses himself.

    Source: Italian
    Who excuses himself without being accused makes his fault manifest.

    Source: Italian
    Who excuses, accuses.

    Source: Dutch
    Who faints not, achieves.

    Source: Portuguese
    Who falls short in the head, must be long in the heels.

    Source: German
    Who fears no shame comes to no honour.

    Source: Dutch
    Who frequents the kitchen smells of smoke.

    Source: Italian
    Who gives sell, sells dear, if the receiver be not a churl.

    Source: Italian
    Who gives to me, teaches me to give.

    Source: Dutch
    Who gives, teaches a return.

    Source: Italian
    Who glows not burns not.

    Source: Italian
    Who goes a beast to Rome, a beast returns.

    Source: English Proverb
    Who goes and returns makes a journey.

    Source: French
    Who goes fasting to bed will sleep but lightly.

    Source: Dutch
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