Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    Who has patience sees his revenge.

    Source: Italian
    Who has plenty of pepper may pepper his beans.

    Source: Dutch
    Who has something is something.

    Source: Italian
    Who has tasted a sour apple, will have the more relish for a sweet one.
    Source: German
    Who has, is.

    Source: Italian
    Who has, let him thereof take heed; love wanes, misfortune comes with speed.

    Source: German
    Who hath little shame the world is all his own.

    Source: Italian
    Who hath no courage must have legs.

    Source: Italian
    Who hears but one bell hears but one sound.

    Source: French
    Who hears music feels his solitude.

    Source: French
    Who heeds not little things, will be troubled about lesser ones.

    Source: German
    Who herds with wolves, must howl with wolves.

    Source: German
    Who holds his peace and gathers stones, will find a time to throw them.

    Source: Portuguese
    Who honours not age, is unworthy of it.

    Source: German
    Who hunts two hares together catches neither.

    Source: German
    Who is born a fool is never cured.

    Source: Italian
    Who is born of a cat will run after mice. (An illusion to one of Aesop's fables.)

    Source: French
    Who is ell seated should not budge.

    Source: German
    Who is in fear of every leaf must not go into the wood.

    Source: Italian
    Who is in the right fears, who is in the wrong hopes.

    Source: Italian
    Who is mighty? He who makes an enemy into a friend.
    Category: Friends and foes Source: Hebrew
    Who is not ashamed of his sins, sins double.

    Source: German
    Who is not satisfied with himself will grow; who is not sure of his own correctness will learn many things.

    Category: Poverty Source: Chinese
    Who is not satisfied with himself will grow; who is not sure of his own correctness will learn many things.
    Category: Discontent Source: Chinese Proverb
    Who is over nice, loses many a slice.

    Source: German
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