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Gemini is born between May 22nd and June 22nd and is an Air Sign. The Peter Pan of the Zodiac, the Twins stays youthful and naive while the rest of us are busy being grown-ups. Gemini is filled with curiosity about everything and everyone around it. Be careful what you tell the Twins though, Gemini loves to gossip and just can’t seem to keep a secret long.

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Gemini Compatibility Attributes

Gemini Characteristics

An extended period of boredom is the worst tragedy a Gemini can imagine. The Twins is on the go day and night, looking for fun and adventure. Quick witted and funny, Gemini is generally the life of the party and its reckless nature means that there’s never a dull moment with the Twins. This is the friend that grabs you away from some important task and talks you into doing something crazy instead – Vegas here you come!

While Gemini may seem incredibly frivolous and shallow from the outside looking in, the Twins has a keen intelligence and can be quite ruthless when it comes to getting what it wants. However, Gemini doesn’t have a lot of perseverance and its attention span isn’t too long, so it had best get it soon lest it find another, more easily attainable target.

The Twins hates to be tied down to anything – including its partner, so Gemini carefully keeps its feelings in check. This doesn’t mean the Twins isn’t an affectionate partner – it is, but there won’t be the desire for a life-long bond. This is hardly surprising since Gemini lives for the moment which means the past and future hold little sway over its thought process.


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Gemini Compatibility - Elements that Attract the Twins

Elements that Attract the Twins

The Twins isn’t all that hard to catch, Gemini is always up for trying something new, even if you don’t appear to be terribly compatible. In fact, a poor match causes a lot of drama, a bonus for the adrenaline addicted Twins. It is keeping Gemini that presents the real challenge. The Twins isn’t going to be that “I’ll love you no matter what” partner, but if you’re looking for a companion that keeps things fresh and fun, the Twins may be your perfect match.

Gemini puts a lot of credence on first impressions so it’s best to dress to impress when you know the Twins is going to be around. Gemini spends a lot of time on its own appearance and wants a mate that is similarly well put together and attractive. While this may seem shallow, the Twins can tell a lot about a person by their outward presentation and, since Gemini doesn’t intend to delve too deeply anyway, that’s good enough for the Twins.

Obviously, you’ll need to be able to work with a crowd if you want to attract the highly social Twins. Since Gemini hates to be alone, and that includes hanging out with just you too often, being comfortable in social situations is paramount to your happiness as a couple. You don’t necessarily have to be the center of attention all the time, but if you don’t look like you’re having a good time at the party, Gemini may decide you’re boring after all.

The Twins has a sharp mind and very much enjoys using it. It’s important to Gemini that its mate can provide sufficient mental stimulation when they aren’t out painting the town together. Debate is especially attractive to the Twins. Don’t hesitate to win if you can. Far from upsetting easy-going Gemini, you’ll garner its respect if you prove you can hold your own in a discussion.


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Gemini Compatibility - Elements that Repel the Twins
Elements that Repel the Twins

First and foremost, Gemini will run for the hills if it feels as though you are trying to tie it down in any way. The Twins values its freedom above anything else – including your relationship. This may sound harsh, but that’s just the way it works. Gemini doesn’t intend to be cruel and it won’t lead you on. If you think you can control the Twins, you’re a victim of your own expectations. It may be of some comfort to know that if Gemini runs away from you, it’s quite possible you can catch it again after its savored its freedom for a while.

Gemini doesn’t feel deeply and doesn’t particularly care to. If you insist on pushing the Twins to explore profound emotions or constantly probe into Gemini’s feelings about your relationship, it isn’t likely to end well. This conversational minefield doesn’t extend to discussing abstract philosophical subjects or the condition of humanity. It is only when things start to get too personal does Gemini put a halt to the conversation.

The Twins does everything quickly and needs a partner that can handle it. If you like to take a lot of time thinking about things, the two of you are going to drive one another crazy! Because the Twins has such a quick mind and short attention span, be ready for your plans to change constantly. Nothing is set in stone for the Twins and it won’t understand why you’re so upset when it decides to hare off on an adventure right before your dinner reservation. Remember that Gemini lives in the moment and doesn’t really give much thought to how you are going to feel.

Thrill-seeking Gemini loves a large measure of drama in every part of its life. The Twins will start a rousing fight just because its bored. After it has had its fun, Gemini will be ready to kiss and make up. If you hold a grudge or withdraw from the repentant Twins, Gemini will head out the door to find excitement elsewhere.


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Gemini Compatibility - It’s All About Amusement
Attracting a Gemini - It’s All About Amusement

Erratic Gemini: always youthful and (dare we say it?) sometimes immature. Rest assured that your life will never be dull if you manage to catch and keep the lovely Twins. Gemini makes an amazing playmate and has an absolute talent for finding the fun in everything. Throw out your schedule, put on your best clothes, and go out dancing all night long with the Eternal Child of the Zodiac.

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