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👩 Virgo – The Virgin

Virgo is born between August 23rd and September 22nd and is an Earth Sign. The Virgin values hard work above every other attribute and embodies this value in spades. Virgo is quite reserved and is uncomfortable with emotional overload. If you are lucky enough to capture a Virgin, your mate will shower you with thoughtful attention and do everything it can to make your dreams come true.

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Virgo Compatibility Attributes

Virgo Attributes

Always firm and steady on its chosen course, Virgo thrives on a workload that would quickly discourage others. While the Virgin often does the work of multiple people, its modest nature usually prevents it from drawing overt attention to its accomplishments. This self-effacement often means that Virgo is overlooked, a fact that may frustrate the ambitious Virgin, which only makes it work harder.

Along with its prodigious work ethic, Virgo possesses an iron will, bright mind, and a love for organizing. These attributes are immensely helpful in the Virgin’s quest to be helpful to others, which is its core value. Anytime a hand is needed, Virgo is sure to be there. The Virgin gets great satisfaction from assisting others and will often be found volunteering its time at various altruistic organizations.

While not naturally demonstrative, the Virgin is a dedicated and thoughtful mate. Virgo loves to take care of its partner. With its love of stability and routine, the Virgin delights in performing the daily tasks that make home comfortable and pleasant. Although Virgo isn’t comfortable with drama, it can be gently drawn out of its reserved habits by a more vivacious partner.


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Virgo Compatibility - Elements that Attract the Virgin

Elements that Attract the Virgin

Left to its own devices, Virgo is definitely an “all work and no play” type. If you want to attract the Virgin’s attention, you can simply help it to have fun. Virgo doesn’t naturally initiate any change in its routine, so it’s up to you to suggest interesting things to do and see. Don’t start too big at first, small things like heading to the farmer’s market for a new recipe or trying the new restaurant around the corner are great ways to start. As your relationship grows and the Virgin’s trust in your good judgement increases you can start asking it to participate in more thrilling activities. By showing Virgo the wide wonderful world out there, you will make your Virgin want to spend more and more time exploring it with you.

Virgo has a rigid sense of integrity and it’s important for the Virgin to have a partner that shares it. Like other Earth Signs, Virgo is seldom carried away by its feelings and chooses its partner based on logic and much study. There will be no “love at first sight” experience with the Virgin. To prove to your Virgo that you are worthy of its regard, be honest with it. The Virgin has a sharp, analytical mind and will be able to catch you in any lie that isn’t perfect. Make sure you are on time or early when it’s time to do something together, not only to prove you keep your word but to show your Virgo that you are eager to spend time with it. Needless to say, you cannot make promises you won’t keep if you want the honest Virgin to stick around.

While the Virgin isn’t really a social climber and never draws attention to itself, Virgo’s image is important to it. If you want to catch the Virgin’s eye, dress tastefully, behave with dignity and show you have worth. Virgo is looking for a partner that can support it in its career climb and won’t embarrass it in public. Act in a way that makes the Virgin proud to be with you and it will be sure to be seen with you as much as possible.


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Virgo Compatibility - Elements that Repel the Virgin
Elements that Repel the Virgin

Virgo’s dignity is extremely important to it and it won’t appreciate anything that diminishes it. Loud arguments in public or extreme displays of public affection will send the reserved Virgin running in the other direction. Virgo also puts a lot of value on the self-control of its mate. Any unseemly display in either public or private, such as drinking to excess or use of drugs, will make the Virgin rethink any plans it might have made in regard to a relationship with you.

The Virgin is rather prone to taking on a parental role in its relationships, but this doesn’t mean Virgo considers irresponsibility to be a virtue it looks for in a partner. The Virgin will be put off if you don’t follow through on your promises or constantly change plans. Virgo will also not be impressed to discover you don’t have a good handle on your finances or if you can’t seem to hold down a job. Once the Virgin takes a partner, it considers it a lifelong bond, so Virgo is quite careful to choose wisely in the first place. If you prove to be unreliable in the beginning, the Virgin will not consider you a good bet for a happy future.

Hard work is the Virgin’s superpower. Virgo’s work ethic is legendary, and it will willingly take on more than its share. The Virgin admires others with this same quality and will look for it in a potential mate. While Virgo doesn’t expect you to work as hard as it does, it isn’t interested in someone who’s lazy for a mate. To discover this, the Virgin will look for clues in your home and habits. If it discovers your house is always a mess and you don’t get up before noon on a regular basis, Virgo is going to look elsewhere for a more appropriate partner.


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Virgo Compatibility - It’s All About Perception
Acquiring a Virgin - It’s All About Perception

Virgo is so easy to overlook that it will be surprised and charmed to find you have noticed it. The modest Virgin welcomes having someone that observes and appreciates all its hard work. If you show Virgo that you are honest, appreciative, and can show it a more exciting world, the devoted Virgin will work its hardest to provide you with a beautiful, happy home.

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