September 2010 monthly horoscope for Leo

September 2010 Leo monthly horoscope
September 2010 promises to be a good month for solving financial problems for Leo. The questions of the old debts and credits will arise. There will be new matters to do with unexpected expenditures, shopping and tax payment. Drastic solutions on the salary are possible. For any Leo, September 2010 is characterized by lack of self-confidence and some confusion. The weak Leo type may feel depressed and melancholic by the middle of the month. The Leoís business affairs are quite good, but there is no point waiting for a huge improvement, or for solving old problems. Everything will go its own way, and sometimes life may seem to stand still. But this period is really vital for any Leo, like the period of growth. Everyone needs tome for a rest, reflection and calm reconsidering of the past. Leo is a strong Zodiac, so this period doesnít take long. Very soon Leo will be full of energy and he will be three times as active in work and relationships.

The first half of September 2010 can bring romance and flirtations into the Leoís life. Leo will feel strong need of romance, he will have a willing to diversify and enhance intimacy. Thatís why for stable long-lasting relationships this period is rather tense. This tension can be called a test for the relationships, because the Leo is feeling the wind of change and is looking for the new relationships. So, he wonít consider family very important.

It would be better to postpone solving the financial problems for the second half of the month, when the Leo gets focused again. In the same period it would also be good to make big purchases and real estate. In the end of September 2010 Leo may get promoted.