August 2011 monthly horoscope for Capricorn

August 2011 Capricorn monthly horoscope
Your social calendar will be booked solid this month as Capricornís relationships with others enter an especially busy time. Those relationships could be personal or business related. Or maybe both; thereís a possibility that someone youíve had your eye in the workplace will suddenly take notice. When they do, be ready for the sparks to fly!

Stepping into a new relationship may be easier for you this month than at other times, as youíre entering a period when youíll feel more assertive, decisive and bold. On the personal level, this will permit you the confidence to step up to the plate and swing away when the opportunity presents itself. Donít waffle on the sidelines, but take charge of your personal life and make the dreams youíve had for so long come true.

In the workplace, the new, bolder you will now have a better chance of getting your ideas across to higher-ups. Youíll find that doors previously closed now begin to open. Be ready with your thoughts and ideas because youíll likely now have a more receptive audience than youíve had in some time. There are changes afoot, and most of them will work to your advantage. Just remember that chance favors the prepared mind.

Youíll find it easy to bring others around to your way of thinking this month as your persuasive powers are at their peak right now. While being bold and assertive, however, make certain you donít step over the line into bullying and intimidating. If you do, youíll almost certainly lose whatever ground youíve gained. Also, trying to push your opinions down the throats of others will like result in an embarrassing faux pas that people will not soon forget. Your best bet is to state your ideas and opinions clearly, back up your arguments with a few facts, and let others draw their own conclusions in their own time.

Your communication skills are good at this time and youíll find that people will be anxious to hear your point of view, providing you can relate to them within the confines of the accepted social norm. Speak to those around you on their own level. Donít try to impress with you vocabulary or deep knowledge pool; simply state what needs to be said in a friendly manner and youíll improve your standing both at work and on the home front. Additionally, you may find youíve added several new people to your ever expanding circle of friends, some of whom may be friends for life. The relationships you make at this time may have a real permanence, so choose wisely.

If you find yourself struggling with debt, this may be the month when youíll find the means to begin paying things off. It may not happen all at once, but this is almost certainly the time to begin finding ways to get out from under any financial liabilities you may have hanging over your head. Sit down with a good accountant or even a friend whoís good with figures and start drawing up a plan of action!