August 2011 monthly horoscope for Sagittarius

August 2011 Sagittarius monthly horoscope
The planets say that this month will be one filled for adventure for Sagittarius. Your penchant for extreme sports and other physical activities is running hot right now and it seems you have an insatiable desire to strike out on some grand exploration or journey. If you have the means, this could mean taking a sailboat solo across a large body of water, flying to a distant countryóone not already overrun with tourists, or something as simple as a cross country bicycle trip. The main thing for you is movement; you feel you must be putting miles beneath you at the moment.

This exploration may well lead to thrills and experiences you never would have known had you simply stayed at home. Unfortunately, no adventure is without its inherent risks and you could wind up not only getting a thrill, but also getting into some trouble along the way. To combat the latter, make safety your watchword. Take a long a first aid kit, a fully charged cell phone and maps to help keep you on your path. If youíre traveling by bicycle or motorcycle, be sure to wear a helmet and whatever protective gear the terrain may call for.

Also running hot in August 2011 is your sexual energy. Youíre likely to see more ďactionĒ in August 2011 than youíve seen in a long time. Use your head, though. If youíre already in a committed relationship, thereís a lot to be said for channeling that energy into the partner with whom youíre already familiar. Thereís more to a relationship than sex, as you well know.

Fortunately, this month also is one in which you will be guided by reason and your inherent ability to see things clearly and make informed decisions. You may feel like making snap decisions, but you know from experience that this rarely serves you well. Put your impetuousness on hold and give problems and choices plenty of time to percolate before you draw your conclusions and take action. This holds especially true in the case of personal relationships. Donít allow yourself to be unwilling drawn into a situation in which you cannot easily be extracted.

Old hobbies or interests see resurgence this month. Some activity or leisure pursuit thatís been sitting on the shelf for a long time may suddenly seem incredibly interesting to you again. Go ahead and follow that urge. Using the knowledge youíve accumulated in the ensuing years, youíll find yourself better able to accomplish your leisure goals. You may want to start drawing again, or pick up that old guitar you havenít touched in months. Whatever your choice, youíll find yourself tackling the activity with an eruption of vigor.

Youíre also being faced now with a few serious questions. The crossroads at which you find yourself isnít as confusing as it may at first seem. Turn inward for the answers. You may well find youíve known what to do all along. Itís only a matter of letting yourself see the solutions.