Oriental 2011 Horoscope for Pig

2011 Chinese Horoscope Pig

Oriental 2011 Horoscope Pig, for the White Metal RABBIT Year

2011 Chinese Horoscope

The good-natured Pig will spend the year 2011 of White Metal Rabbit without hassle, although he still should be more cautious and wary - there will be full of predators who would want to bite the Pig at the flank. Representative of this zodiacal sign should not to be careless and blindly trust people, because this year for the feline grace tends to hide from the Pig not quite dirty dealings - he will be distracted by mild manners of companion, and will not notice his sharp claws. Despite the fact that this year has no global changes in wait for Pigs, his life will still witness minor (at first glance) events that can lead to big changes in destiny. So, the Pig will have lots of meetings and acquaintances, some of them might be crucial, affecting career or professional growth, as well as the personal life of a representative of this Zodiac sign. The Pig will surely experience a very vivid and intense love - feelings could flare up again to a spouse if relationship in the pair was previously cooled slightly, or to a completely different person - and then the Pig will live this year, tormented by internal contradictions and remorse. Whatever the case, Pig loves and is loved - and indeed what else does he need to be happy?

2011 horoscope for Pig of wood element

For your sign, 2011 will likely be a favorable period, although perhaps not the most successful. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the merit of 2011 will be in the fact that this year will reveal new horizons. That is, due to certain events in 2011 you will get a chance to start over, start a new project and thus open up an entirely new chapter in your life.

2011 horoscope for Pig of fire element

The personality of the Fire Pig in the year 2011 of white rabbit will undergo certain deep changes. So if you are concerned for your position in the society, you dear Pigs should be careful, and measuring the reasonableness of your decisions every second. But even in spite of your success in the planning of your actions, sometimes enthusiasm will leave you.

2011 horoscope for Pig of earth element

For the Earth Pig, the year 2011 will be a great period of distinctive features that will be effectiveness, financial prosperity and harmony of relationships with others. Have you already planned what you want to achieve in 2011? If not, then hurry up, time remains very small.

2011 horoscope for Pig of metal element

In the life of the Metal Pig in 2011, everything is revolving, spinning and changing. Your life is so full of events that even when you lose heart and you want to feel sorry for yourself, there will be something that will distract your attention from the negative.

2011 horoscope for Pig of water element

You dear Pigs, the year 2011 of rabbit expects stability in virtually all spheres. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your life in 2011 will not witness any surprises. Despite the fact that you will build a solid foundation in the private sphere of your life and in the field of business interests for future achievements, you will not achieve success without help from above.

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