2011 Horoscope for 12 Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Year of the Metal Rabbit

Astrology forecast for the 2011, the year of the White Metal RABBIT

The year of the white metal rabbit creates the visibility of an energetic and carefree period.

2011 Horoscope

This year of 2011 can be regarded as a simple year, where all events are clearly visible, accessible and understandable. In reality however, by the first months of 2011, it will dawn on us that our problems have not gone away, and that we have been unable to get rid of fears and apprehensions. Moreover, new developments and change of environmental situation will only exacerbate such conditions.

For example, in the eastern horoscope, the year 2011 of the white metal rabbit (cat, hare) is the 28th year in the cycle of sixty years, whose name is literally translated as "rabbit peeping out of the hole". Even in the east, it has been noticed that this is characterized with ambiguity and apparent serenity. At initial meeting, you will not notice anything unusual. Actually, under the mask of carelessness, negligence, and optimistic mood hides the soul of a hare, whose disturbances may not be so simply be removed from the list. This means that 2011 will witness big drops and jumps separated only by a few days of panic. It is even conceivable that the greatest benefit from the events of this white rabbit year will draw together people of strong character, confident and capable of robustly reasoning and coping with negative moods during peak moments. However, if the events of 2011 will emerge favorably, then the situation of the entire horoscope for 2011 also may develop differently on a more optimistic scenario, since rabbits will regain their confidence and courage under a safe and favorable environment. In this case, all will benefit. However, we should not forget that such situation of things would look like an "artificial situation". Therefore, if during 2011 we were not able to smooth out contradictions arising in this case, then the next dragon year of 2012 may require us to pay a price for a period of two years. In some cases, the price may be too high...

In fact, the dual structure of this year on one side is complex and frightening, and from the other side is simple and plain. This will be the determining factor for the whole of 2011, subtly playing on human weaknesses and expectations. So you should like the symbol of this year of rabbit, always examining any situation, always on the alert and most importantly always leaving the possibility of a safe escape in the space of your home like a hole in which a rabbit hides in case of danger and bad weather. It is important to remember that Rabbit is not an ostrich because problems have to be solved as they arise.

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